There’s no better way to wow your loved one than with the iconic move of getting on one knee. And what’s more romantic than popping the question during the happiest time of the year? Whether you’re planning for a glittery, white Christmas or an intimate moment around some mistletoe, show your loved one truly how special they are with a show-stopping proposal that will surely make them say yes.

1. Theme the ring

In every proposal, the ring is key. However, if you want to propose during the holidays, you can definitely take advantage of the ambiance when you’re selecting your ring. You can still include your love’s specific preferences while framing the flavor of the season to make your proposal even more memorable. Perfectly emphasize the crisp, winter theme with blindingly brilliant diamonds and a cool, bright metal. Mimic the sparkle of fresh snowflakes with some surrounding accent stones. Or, include a couple of rubies for an ember-like glow.

2. Make it personal

Of course, your proposal is one of the most special moments you’ll share with your partner. For that reason, this is not a time to gloss over the details. Include your partner’s favorite things, inside jokes, fond memories you’ve made together, or anything they might have mentioned over your time together. The holidays are the time to be sentimental, so no detail is too small or too emotional if you know your partner well enough. Maybe her favorite holiday sweet is gingerbread, or she eagerly looks forward to the first snow every year. By using these tidbits to craft your proposal, you’re showing your other half how much you care about their interests and what makes them happy.

3. Put an emphasis on location

When kicking off an engagement, choosing a location is not something to take lightly. But why not take advantage of a season that’s known for romantic settings like gleaming icicles, snow-capped mountains, and stunning decorations? Regardless of how you celebrate the winter season, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to backdrops. Go for a walk through glistening evergreens, take a tour around her favorite neighborhood to see the bright lights, or create a more private moment with hot chocolate and mulled wine around a crackling fire. Even if you live somewhere with a warmer climate, you can still create a holiday ambience with some simple details like gold, candlelight, or fresh pine.

4. Involve friends and family

Naturally, one of the main tenets of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends. If you really want to put a smile on your soon-to-be fiancé’s face, let her family in the loop. Aside from you, they know her the best so they can likely provide priceless insight into the planning process for everything from the date to the ring. Plus, being surrounded by the people who are closest to her will make for a touching and unforgettable experience. The same is true for any close friends who play a major part in your partner’s life. If you’re going to propose during the holiday season, the more the merrier.

5. Choose the perfect date

When you’re juggling parties, family functions, and gift exchanges, timing is crucial during the holiday season. To avoid any scheduling mishaps, spend some time to make sure you go with a date that won’t coincide with anything your partner might have planned. If you plan on making it an outdoor event, make sure you won’t have any issues with environmental factors like weather or venue closures. During the holidays, it’s important to prevent overbooking – especially if it’s a complete surprise.

It’s not surprising that the holiday season is also known as “engagement season”. The dreamy atmosphere paired with the nostalgia that comes with this time of year makes the climate perfect for a jaw-dropping proposal that you’ll be reminiscing about for years and years.