Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences. Who doesn’t like exploring other cultures, seeing different things, and learning something new? But even though it is fantastic, it can get pricey.

Every trip consists of different logistical aspects, such as accommodation, flights, public transport, etc. Traveling is easy, but planning a trip is stressful. Here are some tips and tricks for saving some money when planning your next trip.

1. Try Couchsurfing or Airbnb

Accommodation is one of the most expensive parts when planning and booking a trip. But the vacation rental industry has been booming in recent years. Regular folks started renting out their private apartments and homes. Airbnb rentals are usually much cheaper than traditional hotel accommodation. Moreover, it is the right way to experience how local people live.

If you don’t want to spend any money at all, then looking at couchsurfing websites could be an excellent idea. A lot of hosts from all over the world open their homes to travelers and let them stay for free. They don’t ask for anything in return, except for a good chat and friendly company.

2. Use a VPN When Purchasing Plane Tickets

Everyone knows how sneaky airline companies are. You open one website and see one price, then you go to another site and find a different amount – it’s like a frenzy! Also, if you look at a potential booking more than once, the airline company will log your IP, plant a cookie, and show an increased price the next time you perform a search.

But there is one hack that will save you a lot of money – a virtual private network service! For example, if you use NordVPN and connect to a server in a foreign country, it masks your IP address. Airline companies won’t be able to track your previous booking activity. Deleting browser cookies for the same reason can help too.

3. Shop at Local Markets

Always go to local markets and shops when buying groceries and other similar items. Not only do local markets sell the highest quality food, they usually sell it for a lower price. Meanwhile, you will often find supermarkets in touristy areas, which is why they charge crazy prices – they can get away with it. Moreover, by purchasing food at local shops and markets, you are helping the local economy. And you’re getting the highest-quality ingredients at the same time.

4. Purchase a Travel Pass

If you plan on using a lot of public transportation, then purchasing a travel pass might be a good idea. You can also buy a railway pass if you plan on traveling by train. Travel passes are an excellent money-saving option because they are cheaper than purchasing a ticket every time you hop on a bus or train. Some companies also offer international travel passes, such as the EU travel pass. You can use them in more than one country.

5. Book Ahead of Time

Booking accommodation and flights ahead of time is your best bet if you want to get reasonable prices. During high season, when the demand is at its highest, airline companies often charge crazy prices. They know that there’s always someone out there who will buy it. Also, booking ahead of time will give you more options to choose from. Sometimes, travelers can get prices that are three times cheaper than the high season ones.

6. Use Cashback Apps

Cashback apps are an awesome solution that acts as your piggy bank on-the-go. By installing one, you will get a reward or cash for every online purchase you make. Retailers offer referral commission to cashback companies, so every time you buy something, a fraction of the commission goes to you. The rest goes to the cashback company. The more you spend, the higher the cashback you will receive.

Some apps, such as Honey, combine the best of both worlds. They are partners of many airline companies and retailers. So not only do they offer cashback prizes, but they also store various coupon codes that you can use for free.

7. Become a House Sitter

It is another option that is based on the quid-pro-quo principle. There are many house-sitting platforms out there. They allow users to offer free accommodation in exchange for sitting their houses or pets.

Although it is a cost-free option, bear in mind that it comes with great responsibility. If you don’t think you can take care of someone else’s home properly, then don’t bother trying this option. But if you’re responsible and don’t mind taking care of other people’s stuff, then this might be a great fit.

Final Thoughts

People who think that traveling always has to be expensive are wrong. There are a lot of cool ways of saving money while still having the best time of your life. These tricks will allow you to explore new cultures without breaking a bank or worrying about budgeting.

Traveling has never been more accessible. So make sure you don’t miss out on a lot of amazing memories and experiences.