Do you have some old metal junk collecting dust in your garage or basement? You do not know what to do with it, and you are not into garage sales, nobody needs it… Think again and wake up your inner creativity. With just a bit of imagination, you can become a metal artist. This is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects, and it can turn into a fun activity for kids or the entire family. Gardening comes with a lot of perks and health benefits, so here is one more idea on how to decorate it.

Why Rusty Pieces for Garden?

There are so many ways to enhance your garden, different accessories are now widely available, and achieving that perfect garden design has become a thing. If you are into natural vibes and elements, then you are an ideal gardener for team rust. Metals such as iron and steel tend to oxidize over time when there is moisture around them. Their color changes in flakes of red, yellow, orange, and brown shades, so you always have a unique result.

If your metal item is not rusty yet, leave it in the garden and give it some time, and the process will occur naturally. There is something charming about those rusty metal pieces in the blooming garden. Suddenly they look like they have been there for ages like they are a part of nature, they change with it, and their earthy tones will complement your garden well.

Creative Ideas for Rusty Elements in Your Garden

Since pieces of metal decor are now trending, you can easily find even the ones that look rusty and shop them. However, if you are creative and want to have something unique, here are our recommendations for custom rusty garden items.

Garden Bike

Do you have an old bike with flat tires in your garage? No one rides it because it looks outdated, and it is already a bit rusty? Perfect! That is what you need. Some people like to paint these bikes in one color, but you can leave it as it is, and place it in the garden. Over time, due to rain and weather conditions, it will get all rusty. Make sure to remove all stickers, and place a flower pot on it, or hang a few of them all over the bike.

Bird Cage

Perhaps you already have an old birdcage, but you can also quickly make one if you have an old wire. Make a sturdy construction, and then play with the wire to achieve the form and look of the cage. Hang it on the branch, or place it down on the grass next to some flowers. Additionally, you can attach a small water container to attract birds.


If you are crafty, you can use wire and some metal pieces to create flowers that will bloom during the entire year. Stick them in the ground next to the real ones, and watch how beautifully they match. Especially during the fall, when all the leaves and grass start changing their color to rusty tones, your garden will still bloom.

Pots, Wheels, and Many More

If you have an old metal teapot, or a watering can, they will fit in well with your garden. Also, big old metal wheels like the ones for carriage can be used as a piece of decor. Metal bed headpieces, small shelves, bells, anything that you can find in metal, will work so well once you place in your garden. And when nature does its magic and gives them all a coat of rust, your garden will look like the ones from magazines.