It’s finally here. The big dreaded M-word! Moving day can be so terribly stressful that you may not want to even utter the word. One of the biggest reasons for this stress is that you always have so much rubbish clearance and no idea what to do with it. In sheer frustration, many people, even otherwise good and rational people, end up taking improper actions they would never take if they knew of a better option. These actions usually don’t serve hem well, nor other people. Below are some tips on how to be responsible with your rubbish clearance on moving day.

Don’t Leave Your Rented Place Full of Junk

Not only will you never get your deposit back if you do, you’ll also never have a chance at a good reference from your landlord on any future rentals. If you’re struggling with too much rubbish clearance, you can call Clearabee and schedule a booking with them the day of or day before your moving day. 

Clearabee’s prices are very fair and they schedule the pick up at your convenience. You’ll also get a waste transfer ticket so you’ll know for sure that your rubbish clearance is not being illegally fly tipped as so many fly by night outfits do! This can save you a headache and hefty fine if it were to be traced back to you.

Don’t Send Your Rubbish Clearance To the Landfill

Moving day is a day we have to be extra careful we don’t do something that will rip our moral fiber! Making sure your waste removal does not end up in landfills is an important part of this. If you have a lot of rubbish clearance, you can try to give away some of it to your neighbors and friends. Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. It may be that you just need to downsize for the move and you have furniture and other household items that other people would love to have, especially for free. If you have time, you can also try donating some of your rubbish clearance to charities.

Another way to divert your rubbish clearance from landfills is by ringing Clearabee and scheduling a booking. Clearabee’s core business model is to divert as much rubbish from landfills as possibly. Currently, they divert approximately ninety percent of all rubbish they collect form landfills by finding alternative places that will recycle, reuse, resell, or upcycle it.

If You Live In a Flat, Don’t Fill the Entire Skip

Be considerate of all your neighbors who will need to put their own rubbish clearance in the skip after you leave and before the bin men do their pickup. Instead, find another method of getting rid of your rubbish. One responsible way to is to schedule a booking with Clearabee. One economical option is to have Clearabee take away only the big stuff and you can put the small stuff, or the rubbish you can crush and compress, into the skip. 

You can also order a beebag from Clearabee. This arrives in the post as a flat package. You simply unfold it and it turns into a portable skip. Once you fill it, you simply ring Clearabee and they will pick it up. You have the added advantage of not having to break your back carrying your rubbish clearance to the property skip. Clearabee can pick up the filled beebag right where you fill it at no extra charge.

Don’t Injure Yourself Or Someone Else Going To the Tip

If you are not trained to remove rubbish clearance, you may do so in a way that strains a muscle or tendon. You may even cause a dislocated vertebrae, break a bone, or have a slip and fall accident. Any friends helping you may have the same type of accident if you try to overdo it. Even if you are paying people to help you, they may not having the training necessary to move rubbish clearance without significant risk to injury.

Again, Clearabee can come to the rescue. Clearabee’s workers are specially trained to remove rubbish clearance in a way that will not physically injure themselves. Further, they are also trained how not to damage property when they remove rubbish clearance. If you are renting, this will help you get your deposit back.