As the name implies, roller blinds are pieces of cloth that can be rolled up and down as you desire. Why would there be a need for roller blinds you may ask, but they are of extreme importance if you are someone who prioritizes privacy.

Roller blinds are becoming trendier day by day. Since people have abandoned old ways and techniques to shield themselves from the world in their private houses, roller blinds are in fashion. People use them within their bathrooms, and they allow you to gain complete privacy without leaving a speck of light pass through. Moreover, these blinds are set in kitchens for aesthetics and living rooms for the same reason.

These blinds are not that easy to come by. You need to find premium quality roller blinds, so they last longer in your house or office and this way you do not have to trouble yourself with changing them again and again.

Mainly there are two types of roller blinds the regular ones and motorized ones. Although you may find regular roller blinds with ease, however, high-quality motorized roller blinds are hard to come by.

To create a distinction between the two types, it is important to highlight vital differences in these types of roller blinds.

The factor of variety and styles

It is believed and can be observed in the market that regular roller blinds have a wide variety of styles and designs available. Since the majority of the producers are focused on regular roller blinds, they have unique, different and appealing designs in different shapes and sizes. For example, one can adjust the light settings, privacy and change the settings of regular roller blinds with ease – this makes it a popular choice.

However, motorized roller blinds have a narrow range of variety available. Although their advantages are great in their own place if you are looking for a broad range of designs, then you will find these ones to be limited.


Straight off the bat, we are going to talk about the convenience of using motorized roller blinds. Speaking of the elephant in the room, motorized roller blinds are far more convenient than your simple ones. Why? Imagine sitting far from your roller blinds, but you wish to bring them up to watch the beautiful view outside. You can, without moving an inch, just press a button and make it happen. Moreover, you can also set the timing of their auto-turnoff. As you decide, it will open and/or close at the time of your choice. This is what makes motorized roller blinds super convenient, and they are the evidence of how far we have come with technology.

So, be lazy at your convenience but don’t forget to keep your remote close!

Whereas with regular roller blinds, you have to get up and change it according to your taste.

Price points

It must be pretty apparent that motorized roller blinds are more expensive than your regular roller blinds. The technology, machinery, and engineering required to produce, install and maintain motorized roller blinds can cost you more than you would expect. Since they have to function every time, the machinery used must be of top quality, and it should not stop working after a day or two. Would you like to realize that the product you paid a considerable amount for is not functional just after a day’s use? But yes, you have to buy the risk along with the product. Companies provide warranty and guarantees, so you are in a comfortable position.

On the contrary, regular roller blinds are affordable, cheap and easily available. Their setup, installation, and maintenance require a minimal cost. If you are someone looking to beautify your house for upcoming guests you probably do not have enough time to have motorized roller blinds installed; however, regular roller blinds can be easily installed. The best part, they look stylish and can successfully give off a beautiful, aesthetic feel to your house. Make your home, workplace or anywhere beautiful simply by choosing regular roller blinds. The variety and styles available will blow your socks away, rest assured.

Safety difference between regular & motorized roller blinds

Not many people realize this, but with growing wealth and differences in the world, robberies and similar acts are becoming more common. If you are worried about such a concern, then you can have motorized roller blinds installed. Now, the question might arise that how can they protect or safeguard you? Well to be fair everyone wishes to have their house protected after nightfall. Imagine yourself leaving for someplace before nightfall and in haste; you forgot to roll the roller blinds down. Chances are, people will realize that the house is empty and vulnerable, and this is a cause for concern.

However, with motorized roller blinds, you can set and instruct them to close automatically at a certain time in the day. They will roll down when night falls so even if you forget to protect yourself properly then technology will save you.

Considering the crime rate across countries, this is a great option. Motorized roller blinds provide greater security, and this factor makes them worth the price.

Sizes and orders

Now, this is something to think about. The great advantage with regular roller blinds is that they are made with specific sizes and if you feel bored with one type of roller blind, then you can shift them in another room to benefit from the change. Moreover, roller blinds come with customizable designs that you can have tailored specifically for your needs, so you have a wide range of options to choose from when talking about regular roller blinds.

However, with motorized roller blinds, you are restricted. Since they are set up and adjusted, and you cannot remove them with ease. It is not recommended to constantly switch them from your living room to the bedroom or the kitchen for that matter..


To sum up the story in short, roller blinds and motorized roller blinds have their separate pros and cons. While there are some similarities between them, there exist stark differences between the two. The differences are expected as regular roller blinds were invented in early years; however, motorized roller blinds are a creation of modern technology.

Perhaps the biggest difference exists in prices. You can either set several regular roller blinds in your house or have one or possibly two motorized roller blinds installed. They are a cool, trendy addition to your house and you can easily impress your guests by adjusting your roller blinds with a remote. Regular roller blinds offer a variety in styles, sizes, and customizable features.