There are many styles and designs of driveways to choose form, from the very basic gravel through to tarmac or ashphalt to the high end which includes resin driveways.

Resin driveways or patios are not new, in-fact they have been around for approximately 15 years give or take however until just recently they were out of reach financially for most homeowners due to the costs involved, thankfully that has now change in recent years, so below are reasons why you should have a new resin driveway.


As already mentioned these driveways have been around for around for 15 years and if they have been installed by a professional installation company such as The Driveway Company and has been looked after by the owner these driveways look as good as when they were first laid, this is due to the UV stable resin that is used and the fact weeds cannot grow through from the subbase below.

Low Maintenance

When we say low maintenance we really do mean it, the way the driveways are constructed means that weeds cannot grow up through the resin surface, this means you will not be spending hours or even days pulling weeds out, the surface is completely porous which means moss does not form, if you get muddy tracks on the drive just simple hose it down and watch the dirt disappear.

If you spill any oil or grease on the surface just wash it away with hot soapy water, the resin used nowadays is impervious to most chemicals.

So all in all having a resin driveway gives you more free time instead of spending hours cleaning.


The aggregates that are used in resin installations come in around 100 or so different colours of stone, names such as Cappacino, Rustic Amber, Dusky Red etc but what most people do not realise is that you can have your very own unique blend of colour simply by mixing different aggregates to create a one off colour mix, this is especially helpful if you want to stand out from the crowd and not have a standard colour.


Another reason for deciding on a resin installation is that you can have different shades of resin on the same driveway for example a dark outer border with a lighter colour on the inside, your imagination is what comes into play here.

Quick Install

There are 2 types of installation, full excavation where the full area is dug up, hardcore sub base installed, tarmac and then the top layer of resin bound aggregate, this obviously takes the longest.

But what if you are ready had a tarmac driveway or even a concrete driveway? this is called resin bound overlay, in this scenario you would use what you already have which saves a massive amount of time, in fact most installations of this type take no more than a couple of days even for the largest of areas.

So there you have 5 good reason for having a new resin bound driveway installed at your home.