Do you like Renault cars as I do? Then, this is a piece you don’t want to miss reading to the end. Okay, this doesn’t mean Renault is the best car manufacturer in the industry; there are other great brands like the Mercedes, Jaguar and the rest. The thing is I find some Renault cars somewhat uniquely incredible. So how factual is that?

If you are one among those car lovers that can’t help but bulge eyes out on spotting the newest machine on the road, then, the latest Renault makes will raise your body hair straight in amazement when you meet them.

The string of models rolled over last year was tantalizing and unimaginable to the public eye. Talk of the launching of extraordinary cars like the new Clio, All-New Megane and the new Scenic, and you’ll notice your fellow car lovers looking your direction. In actuality, it’s possible that Renault cars will carry the flag with the exciting looks come the end of this year, at the best car end-of-year-contest.

Would like some mind pictures on the latest string of Renault cars? Check below; we have been generous enough to compile some short summaries for you. So you can acquaint yourself with the outstanding features like the design, engine, transmission, exhaust, the cushions and other properties that often make the latest cars special.

The Renault Clio R.S.16

Renault Clio RS16

Looking at both the interior and exterior design, we can say this model is made to celebrate the Renault Sport and its spring-back to Formula One. This make sets a new benchmark in terms of road performance for the brand. The car comes with a tuned suspension and a re-engineered exhaust system that makes it superbly raised.

The Renault ZOE

Renault Zoe

I love this car; it is exceptional for its new Z.E.40 battery, which gives it an official 250 miles of NEDC range per a single charge. So you may ask; why is it not common? We are talking of a new practicality of an electric car, so it is still not yet for everybody because of its cost! It is equipped with an improvised infotainment system, a climate control system and a satellite navigation system. Okay, I cannot brag that I already own one of this but; at least I visit show rooms every time a new car is released. So I can attest to its unending luxury.

The New Renault Twingo GT

Renault Twingo GT

Some call this an additional fun for Renault because it is small, fast and fun to drive but very affordable to many people. There’s no way the New Twingo GT can be mentioned without acknowledging its turbocharged 110hp petrol engine that makes it a master on the road. Did I just say a master on the road? Well, that’s what I think.

Another extraordinary model that will obviously enthrall you is the Renault Trezor, but you may never have that privilege to see it in a local showroom. It’s not for everyone, though that may sound humiliating. However, below are some nuggets of information about it.

The Renault Trezor Concept

Renault Trezor Concept

The model is more fantastic so let’s dig a bit deeper

Nothing defines an exciting future like the Renault Trezor Concept. It comes with a style and technology that could, in the end, change our perception of cars. Being among the most promising electric GT ever to be invented, it’s a fantastic vehicle build to offer more pleasure while on board.

In a way, reading about this car is like learning a new English dialect. The car is sensual, with a distinctive front. The C-shaped lighting signature lets it outshine all other road-machines. I like cars, so I read a lot about them. I saw somewhere the manufacturers of Renault saying that “the concept model represents the maturity of their brand design.”

Design code, and the surprising bodywork

When viewed from above, the Renault Trezor Concept assumes a honeycomb-shape. Or, you may as well say it is “oval-shaped,” the look gives it a smooth satin finish. The hexagonal facets discourage any driver that may think of racing against this machine using an ordinary car. The windows are superb and come out more superior with the metallic paint that perfectly brings out the Renault Trezor Concept into reality.

The interior design

The red colored interior furnishing comes with a feeling of supremacy and sensuality when you are inside the Trezor. The inside is leather covered, and build with top-quality wood that blends well technology and craftsmanship.

Sportiness and connectivity

Renault Trezor Concept

Before starting this vehicle, you automatically feel a sense of victory because no person would wish to parade his or her sporting car against this. The car has a modified engine, transmission system and sporty-wheels that support speed. The brakes are booster modified, so you don’t expect failure in that area. Dashing onto the brakes is not encouraged with this car because its brake system is super-sensitive, that is, a simple step guarantees to stop the car instantly.

Does it use gasoline?

It is an electric car, that’s why you can’t hear any gas mentioned. All you may need to know are things like per charge mileage, the rectangular steering wheel that is controllable using a touch screen and more. Actually, the car has a special sizeable touch display on the dashboard that carries various control buttons.

So what is the future of Renault cars?

In relation to the current speed technology is taking us with, it is possible that most Renault cars will be electrically powered in a couple of years to come. There is also a high possibility that a good number would be self-driven, as in, will not require a driver. Nonetheless, there is still a lot that needs to be done to reach there, that is why more funds are being directed to research and tests.

However, some ideas like a driverless car and totally relying on the GPS are highly opposed in the public eye because of safety concerns. Researchers have not trashed such concerns, and so they have tried on several occasions to explain to the public how that is taken care of.

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