Interestingly, do you know it is possible to move your stuff to a new home without incurring costs associated with a moving company? In fact, with the help of family members and a few friends, you are good to go. While hiring movers is also an option, it shouldn’t be treated as the only option. It may be quite pricey and this is something that can put you off especially if you want to do some savings during your move.

The process of moving comes with a variety of choices. Whether you want to move yourself or hire movers will largely depend on the complexity of the move, proximity and of course the budget. Although the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming, with the right information, there is no cause for alarm. This article is meant to help you select the best moving option for your case. There is nothing wrong with being a DIYer and save a penny in the process.

What happens when you move by yourself?

First things first, when you decide to move by yourself, you have total control over your move. Being in charge of the entire process of moving is just amazing. You have the chance to select the truck you will use, how to pack the household items and the duration the entire moving process will take. Determining how the whole process will go means you are in control. This is something that can give you peace of mind.

When it comes to DIY moving, there are no restrictions to packing your belonging. You are at liberty to pack them the way you like. Movers will expect you to pack and seal your boxes by the time they arrive. This proves to be difficult especially when handling odd-shaped belongings such as plants, lamps and the like. You also have the freedom to carry simple items such as blankets and small pillows without boxing them. It is your choice to pack everything in boxes or just a few delicate items. The key thing here is to ensure that everything fits in the truck or van on the moving day.

The only challenge that comes with moving without the help of movers is the fact that you will have to deal with heavy lifting and planning. Lifting the furniture and other items can be a bit tricky. But with the help of a few friends and loved ones, you can hack it. You also have to plan early in advance. Although hiring movers equally needs planning, you can’t compare it to when doing it all by yourself. Their expertise sometimes helps you to relax. For the journey of moving from point A to point B to be successful, you must plan how to load the hired vehicle properly. At the same time, you should be efficient and avoid wasting time.

Best ways to move to a new home

So, are you convinced that you can move to a new home without hiring movers? If your answer it’s a yes, here are ways to ease your moving burden.

1. Rent a van

If you or someone close to you have a driving license for this vehicle category, then you can hire a van or even a truck to move things by yourself. A perfect example is Van hire in Wigan. They are not only affordable but are also convenient and effective. In fact, renting a van with such a company comes with so many benefits, the major one being the amount of money you can save. The distance to be covered and the time you intend to retain the van are the main determinants of the rental cost. The most impressive feature here is that you are not restricted to a moving company’s schedule. You are free to work on a timeline convenient to you and your helpers. As long as you want a DIY moving experience, don’t hesitate to take this option. Besides, it’s the best option for anyone operating on a tight budget.

2. Buy an overhead carrier

An overhead carrier enables you to pack even more. Knowing how to pack the car is a plus especially if you are also going with the kids and pets. You have to make sure these occupants are comfortable so they won’t ruin your moving experience. Therefore, if you can are able to squeeze more items without disturbing the occupants, that would be fantastic. Having enough space to move everything once is the desire of anyone planning to move. In that case, it would be great to invest in an overhead carrier. Make sure you choose the one that suits your needs. The only problem with overhead carriers is that they can quite expensive and this is not something you are using often. If you can borrow from a friend, that would be great. However, put the comfort of everyone who will be riding in that car first.

3. Move your stuff by bus

Shipping your stuff by bus is another option when moving to a new home. Most bus companies offer courier services and it won’t harm to take advantage of their services. Using bus service to move a small number of items from one destination to the other can be very convenient and affordable.

The only thing you should observe before taking your belongings to a bus station is the duration they will take before reaching your desired destination. Some bus services take longer and if you are not aware, this might frustrate you. Plus, remember to check out with the management about additional luggage restrictions. If you have pets, you would also want to know the policies of traveling with a pet on a bus or train. If you are comfortable with the arrangement, then you are good to go.

4. Ship your stuff by plane

If you are relocating to a far distance, shipping your items by plane could be the best option. Do your research, ask around and select at least 3 airlines. Find out about their charges, terms & conditions and anything else you want to know about their services. Once you narrow down to one company, pack your items. Clearly label all the boxes and take your stuff to the office or as instructed by the company you have chosen. This option is especially useful to students who are done with studies abroad or anyone relocating to an international destination.