If you are going on vacation, you are likely excited as you plan ahead all the fun activities you will participate in and the adventures you’ll have while off exploring somewhere new. If you’re a pet parent though, you might be feeling nervous about how this will affect your animals, and if they will think you abandoned them. There are ways you can soothe them until you get back home again. Check out these 3 tips and discover how you can ease your pet’s anxiety during your time apart while not feeling too much guilt during your vacation.

1. Provide Them With Soothing Music

Playing soothing music can have a calming effect on animals, regardless of their species or breed. Many people opt to have a pet sitter either drop in on their pets or stay with them regularly to make sure they are doing okay. However, this suggestion could also work if your pet is getting boarded, depending on the policy at the kennel you have chosen. Either way, research has shown that the vibrations in music can reduce stress in an animal (and it works for many humans, too). Consider playing calming classical music when you are at home with your pet and they are already relaxed. See how they feel and respond to the music they hear. Introducing it during a time when the animal feels calm and associates music with good things (such as you being at home or you spending time with them). This makes it more likely that the music will calm them during your time apart, and you’ll have given them something they can enjoy listening to while you are away.

2. Keep Their Routine As Much As Possible

No matter how you choose to have someone take care of your pet, either through personalized pet sitting or boarding, give the individual who will be administering care a breakdown of your pet’s day. You want to keep the animal close to their routine as much as possible. This includes letting them know when the animal goes on walks and how often, providing them with the type of food your pet eats, so there is no change in diet, letting them know what games your pet likes to play, and so on. While keeping their routine up won’t make your pet miss you any less, it can help them feel more relaxed and comfortable, knowing their life is not being uprooted as they wait for you to come home.

3. Make Sure They’re Getting Plenty Of Attention

Attention can help your pet feel less lonely while you are gone on a Caribbean cruise. Of course, how much attention your pet wants will depend on their relationship with the pet sitter if they are in the home or not, and how long you have been gone. It may take your pet a few days to adjust before they start wanting attention. Knowing they will be petted and loved even in your absence can help them feel calmer. Maybe your pet wants to be cuddled, or perhaps they want to play more often. Either way, let the pet sitter or boarder know what to expect and check in to see how your dog or cat is responding.

If you are going on a vacation and you are worried about how your pet will manage without you there, try out soothing music and see how your pet reacts. By getting them used to it before you go, this can help remind the pet of your presence and be calming. Try to have the pet sitter or boarder keep the same routine for the pet as much as possible. This lets your dog or cat know their whole life isn’t in total upheaval. Finally, make sure they are getting lots of attention, either in the form of cuddling, petting or playing, depending on what your pet feels like doing at the time.