We all love versatile clothing. Nothing beats the charm of buying garments and pieces of fabric that you can play around with and create a new look every time you wear them. Versatile garments can add a new character to your old clothes, bring a pop of color to a somber outfit, and can be worn in multiple ways.

The versatility of clothing can be measured by pairing them with apparel. The more looks and outfits you can create with a solo piece the more versatile it is. Minimalists love these pieces because they complete their capsule wardrobes adequately and we have started to follow the lead because the scope of styling is increased manifolds by these clothes.

We dedicate this read to our favorite, five, versatile garments – we are sure you will have your stylish versions of these lying in your wardrobe. If not, get your wardrobe updated with these suggestions on your next shopping spree.

Neck Gaiters

Just like scarves and bandanas, neck gaiters are a ubiquitous and extremely versatile garment. This wardrobe item can be used as a shield against cold wind and keep you warm in the harsh winters. On the other hand, it can make you look like a real fashionista. The custom neck gaiter wholesale supplier 4inbandana designs functional and timelessly beautiful pieces for their customers.

The neck gaiters can be worn in a variety of ways including:

Scarf – simply wrap the gaiter around your neck for a vibrant and cool look.

Hood – best way to stay warm; keep the front of the gaiter under the chin and pull the back up to cover your head.

Sahariane – for a classic look, wear your neck gaiter on your head like a cap-shaped Sahariane.

Tee Dress

This super-comfortable monochrome dress is something we frequently reach for. No wardrobe is complete without a tee dress. Available in various colors, you can wear this wardrobe staple alone for a casual look. For a more impactful look, simply put on an edgy belt, a necklace, or a plain cardigan in a contrast color. You can also add layers to it or tie it up – especially at the hem – to create fresh looks.

Tie Neck Blouse

This lovely top imparts feminine charm to the wearer and for this very reason, it has replaced all the white T-shirts in my wardrobe. This looks chic and sophisticated at the same time. Whether you choose to wear it with rag jeans, formal pants, or a pencil skirt the tie-neck blouse never disappoints and makes you look polished and cool.

Boot-cut Pants

Though, formal pants can be uncomfortable, but not this pair. This dressy garment is extremely versatile as you can wear it to your workplace and can also go to a casual hangout with your colleagues and friends right out of the office. These pants are extremely comfortable and that’s why you will never feel the need to change into any other casual bottom. It flatters the young and middle-aged women equally well and makes you look effortlessly stylish.

Wrap Shawl

When talking about versatility these shawls can not be missed. The beautiful prints, fresh colors, and soft fabric allow you to use it on multiple occasions. You can use it as a cover over your bathing suit.

You can pair up a printed shawl with a monochrome sleeveless dress. Drape it over your shoulders for a modestly stylish look. You are bound to look divine after adorning this aesthetic piece of fabric.

Fashion offers a broad spectrum of unlimited options and choices. However, the idea of having tons of unworn clothes in the wardrobe is becoming less popular day by day. Nowadays it is all about how you style the simplistic pieces using their versatility to your benefit.