It’s not easy getting up on your feet right after a major injury – at least not for a while. Most people don’t realize it, but our bodies have a self-healing mechanism that technology is yet to replace.

A patient’s aftercare is of paramount importance after an injury – to make sure they integrate well back into the society as a productive member.

Traumatic Injuries

Almost everyone can recall a time when they suffered a traumatic injury and it felt like impossible for them to recover. Under such circumstances, people in their shoes would think that it was the end of the world – it is a slow process and one shouldn’t give up.

It is always good to seek aftercare at rehabilitation centers that offer programs designed to get them back on their feet.

Of course, it is no walk in the park for our bodies to heal themselves. As with any other way to reach your goals, the rehabilitation process requires dedication, hard work and patience that yields fruitful results. And naturally, each goal requires a different approach. This one in particular requires A LOT OF REST.

Let the Healing Begin

The reason why most people take a long time with their healing process is because they do the opposite of resting. The reasons for that are: they think that too much bed rest is bad, they think they will go out of shape, they think exercise is a must, exerting pressure on other parts of the body near the injury etc.

The reason behind the misconceptions is that laying around for the wound to heal can bring about depressive thoughts i.e. that it is a punishment of some sort. This is what ends ups making them restless and they lose their healing strength, while straining to move excessively when they shouldn’t be.

If you are someone who is going through or know someone going through post-injury treatment, please know that your body needs the rest to recover.

Pay Attention to Your Weight

Sure exercising is good – it maintains your body weight – by keeping you fit and healthy. But there are times where it is not the solution to everything!

Most patients refuse to rest due to the fear of growing a pot belly during their resting period. Most people are also under an illusion that rehab involves tons of exercise, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The process is more about moving slow rather than moving vigorously. The fear is usually common amongst people who are already in good shape and hence they try to find an excuse to avoid not getting fat.

How to Avoid Chronic Pains

Chronic pain is terrible if not treated well and in time. It can lead to severe pain which can make you immobile. You won’t be able to maintain your daily activities and will end up with a pot belly whether you like it or not.

Resting for a couple of months won’t make you fat. If you are in a good shape you can go on for almost 5-6 months without gaining excessive fat and even if you do, it’s not that difficult to get back into the same shape prior to how it was a few months ago.

Of course you will be exercising a little bit. For example, acute low back pain heals faster when you move rather than laying down all the time. These exercises don’t exert strain on your injuries and can ease your restlessness. There are even therapies that you can opt for in the meantime such as Contrast Hydrotherapy for alternate healing if you aren’t sure how much exercise you should do.

Proper Nutrition = Faster Recovery

Your diet plays a major role in how your body behaves. It’s important that you realize this fact to kickstart the healing process in your body. You need to watch what you eat!

A good diet can have a positive impact on your body during recovery as it enhances your immune system. This helps in healing bones, skin, muscles and nerves. It also allows the body to regain its overall strength and endurance.

Pro Tip: Take care of your carbohydrate intake. It’s better to eat complex carbs such as seeds, nuts and whole grains because they break down slower in your digestive system. Also, they decrease the chances of causing a sugar spike, which is caused by the breakdown of simpler carbohydrates.

Sugar spikes cause inflammation that can lead to tissue damage so you should only stick to complex carbohydrates in your diet.

Sleep – It Matters More Than You Think

Not many people can stand staying in a hospital at all times. Some even make excuses of feeling better when they aren’t just so they can escape the shackles of a hospital.

We understand that it can be overwhelming and depressing at times to stay for long periods of time in hospital, but you should never neglect your health over it because that will only be harmful for you in the long run.

Having a proper sleep cycle can enhance your healing the same way a balanced nutrition and exercise helps your body to perform at the optimum level.

If the hospital can’t make you feel comfortable continue your recovery at home. The hospital beds are specifically made according to patients’ needs but you can get one for your loved one for your convenience and to keep them close. A hospital bed hire in Sydney Australia can help your loved one recover. It is always a good idea to recall happy memories during long winter nights with your recovering loved one. You can provide them with a more conducive environment to heal, recover and grow during this monotonous and uncertain phase.

Let’s just hope our loved ones remain safe so we do not have to watch them struggle during their recovery!