There is nothing quite as refreshing as a shower. A great shower can wash away all the exhaustion of a long day and help you feel revitalized. With time, however, it can feel like the quality of your showers has gone down. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the age of the device. The best and most effective way to fix this issue is to replace your shower.

Not only does a shower replacement significantly improve your shower experience, but it also increases the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. However, since a shower replacement requires time and money, there is always the question of whether it is truly necessary or whether a simple repair job will suffice. To help answer this question, this article discusses shower replacements and highlights why and when you should opt for them.

Replacing Your Shower

It’s okay if you’re unsure about a shower replacement, considering it is a complex project involving plumbing and construction. What makes it even more worrisome is that the bathroom functions as a delicate ecosystem designed intricately. That means one wrong move can affect the functionality of other elements in the room, and we often see this happening when people try to DIY a bathroom upgrade.

That is why it is recommended to hire professional bathroom remodelers for your shower replacement project. With professionals on the job, you can be sure that the results will be aesthetically pleasing and durable in the long term. Therefore, hiring a reputable bathroom remodeling company is well worth the investment.

Reasons You Should Replace Your Shower

Now, let’s move on to why you should replace your shower. There are two situations where a shower replacement makes sense, first, when there is a clear problem with your current shower, and second, when you want to upgrade the shower to add new features. Let’s start by looking at shower problems.

1. Chipped Tiles

The floor and backsplash of a shower are generally tiled, and when those tiles start to chip, it is a clear sign that your shower needs to be replaced. Chipped tiles in the shower are extremely dangerous. Not only do they weaken the underlying structure by allowing water to seep through, but they can cause you to slip in the shower and get seriously injured.

You can repair chipped tiles if you catch them early. However, unless you find the matching tile piece, the overall look of your shower will be ruined if you repair it without the missing piece. Plus, the structural damage already caused will worsen despite the patch job. Therefore, a shower replacement and re-tiling of the entire structure can be a better long-term solution.

2. Leaky Fixtures

A leaky fixture is a textbook sign that you need a shower replacement. Leaks in the shower, faucet, pipes, or shower walls can cause the structure to weaken and even cause mold growth. Moreover, with the constant dripping of water, not only will you be wasting a ton of water every month (which you will still be billed for), but the surface of your shower can also become stained over time.

While most leaks in the shower are often easily fixed, sometimes you just can’t handyman your way out of the mess. If you’ve tried the basics, such as replacing the seal or cleaning the showerhead, you need to consider a shower replacement.

3. Mold Growth

Mold growth is one of the most common problems that occur in showers. As the shower is exposed to a lot of water, a simple crack in the pipes or tiles that leads to water buildup can result in mold growth. If your shower has mold, you may develop respiratory and other health problems. Therefore, you must replace your shower as soon as possible!

The clearest sign of mold growth in the shower is the sudden appearance of green patches across the surface. However, the spots often appear too late; hence, you must look out for other signs, such as the musty smell of mold and changing texture of the shower surface.

Now, let’s talk about the other situation where your shower has no apparent problems, but a replacement makes sense as part of a bathroom upgrade. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider a shower replacement in that case.

4. Spa Style Shower Heads

If you want to elevate your shower experience, consider replacing your entire shower and adding spa features. Start with replacing your regular hand shower with a multi-flow shower head that offers different flow levels, such as rain and waterfall, and add a detachable shower to the mix.

To further enhance the experience, add digital temperature control valves so you can get the perfect water temperature every time immediately. The change in your shower experience with these changes can be monumental, making it well worth the cost of the replacement.

5. Increased Home Value

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms when it comes to the value of a home. Minor upgrades in the bathroom can greatly drive up the value of a home. Therefore, if you have plans to sell or rent your house or are generally undertaking a renovation of your bathroom, a shower replacement just makes sense.

By replacing the shower, you can immediately transform the entire bathroom to look more modern and contemporary. As for the rest of the bathroom, you can simply make small changes, such as replacing the hardware and faucets with new ones. By focusing only on the shower, you can keep the overall cost of the renovation down and still gain all the benefits of a full bathroom remodel.

6. Water Conservation

Water conservation is a topic of global concern. Every day, new and more efficient technologies and devices are introduced to help save water. As such, modern bathroom fittings are also designed keeping this problem in mind.

If your current shower is outdated and you feel strongly about water conservation, consider a shower replacement to minimize your water wastage.


A shower replacement has the potential to transform your bathroom into a space that is not only relaxing and pleasing to the eye but also safe, durable, and eco-friendly. Now you know exactly when you should opt for a shower replacement, so stay on the lookout for the signs.