Love exploring the sea all the time? If so, you need a wetsuit to help you surf, swim, or paddle board as you please. A wetsuit is designed to keep you wet! That’s right. When the suit is wet, it traps some water between itself and you. The heat from your body actually warms the trapped water, keeping you warm in the process.

If you’re hooked on underwater sports, you may want to buy your very own wetsuit. Therefore, here are five reasons why you should always have wetsuits in your wardrobe.

Stay Warmer

If you don’t have a wetsuit, it’s time to get one. So swap those sandals and swim shorts for a wetsuit. If you get too cold in the water, you’ll have no option than to cut your adventure short. But with a wetsuit, it’ll take quite a long time for you to really begin to feel the chill.

Another important reason why a wetsuit keeps you warm is the fact that it’s made from neoprene rubber. Neoprene provides ultimate insulation because of the closed air cells that make a wetsuit light but warm.

Wearing a wetsuit will let you venture into the water further, longer, and harder. Just remember to wear quality neoprene socks along with your wetsuit to keep warm in the water.


There’s no doubt that venturing into water can be a little scary for some people, but it need not be. Here’s the number one reason why you need a wetsuit when swimming, surfing, or stand up paddle boarding: peace of mind.

A wetsuit protects you from the potentially abrasive underwater surface. This includes sharp surfboard fins, hidden rocks, and even seaweeds. Not only that, a wetsuit can help from a psychological standpoint. With one on, you can get the feeling that you’re wearing a flexible form of armor.

It’s therefore a great option if you’re frightened of getting into the water when learning to swim, surf, paddle board, or scuba dive.

Increased Speed and Buoyancy

Made of synthetic neoprene rubber, wetsuits have air cells inside them. The thicker your wetsuit, the more air cells it has and, therefore the more buoyancy it’ll provide. For that reason, a wetsuit makes you more buoyant in the water, allowing you to swim or surf much faster than in anything else you may want to put on.


Wetsuits serve a variety of purposes. After buying your wetsuit, you may finally decide to go surfing or paddle boarding with your mate. For more information about stand up paddle boarding, read more here. Want to keep your feet really warm during the winter? Get those neoprene socks. Unlike the majority of sports gear, which have one purpose, wetsuits may be used for pretty much anything involving water.


Wetsuits have special coatings (known as super composite skin coatings) that not only keep you warm but also repel water. If you’re taking part in a swimming race, a wetsuit will help you zoom past the competition. Midway through the race, you won’t even know what the other competitors look like as you’ll be far out of sight!

Don’t let the freezing cold stop you from venturing into sea. Pull out those funds you’d set aside for that new tent, lens, sleeping bag, drone, camera, etc, and go and get a wetsuit. It’ll be a pretty cool addition to your wardrobe.