While winter is only starting in Australia, it shouldn’t be an excuse to not look forward to the warmer months that lay ahead. Summers always bring about happy and fun times with family and friends, along with some BBQ parties and a cold drink in hand to help cool ourselves down from the heat.

Here is a list of reasons why building a pergola just in time for summer is just what you want and need:

It is an extension of the home

How can an open space be an extension of a home? Shouldn’t a home be a private place for rest and relaxation?

Pergolas can provide both!

While you may think that a pergola is all open space, don’t forget that it is such a versatile piece of structure that you design it to your heart’s content. Hanging plants can give design and dimension; a full blown garden of climbing plants such as ivy and vines can give shades; and bamboo blinds can give privacy from prying eyes of nosy neighbours.

You are essentially extending your home to your garden, giving your backyard definitive space and added aesthetic value that only a pergola can give. You are also getting enough vitamin D, a crucial nutrient in bone, teeth, and muscle health, while still being mindful of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

A pergola is beautiful

The last (and definitely not the least) for building a pergola is how beautiful your home will look when it’s all done. Not only are you adding aesthetic value, but you are also increasing the property’s real estate value if you do decide to sell your home in the future – but admit it, with a pergola in your backyard, moving out would be out of the question.

Pergolas lends an attractive hand to your home without breaking the bank. Do your research and see which materials will work best for your soil, what design will look good alongside your home, and such. Consult professionals such as Affordable Pergolas in Melbourne to help you make a life changing decision in home improvement.

Play host or hostess more often

BBQ during the summer months seem to be mandatory in many households in Australia and you’ll be hosting a lot of them when you have a pergola built. You have a useful space to entertain friends and family members that can easily be decorated. A pergola also provides the right amount of shade from the sun because of the beams overhead. If you find the sun to be too hot, you can drape fabrics to provide temporary relief. Once the sun sets and the stars and moon begin to shine, take down the fabrics and admire the evening sky while all of you enjoy a glass of wine or a cold can of beer as you wind down from the day’s festivities.

Pergolas are affordable

If you think a pergola is expensive, think again! Pergolas pretty much come in a range of prices, depending on the materials and the design you prefer to have installed. Affordable Pergolas Melbourne is open to your ideas and suggestions about how you want your pergola to look. Adding a pergola to your yard is an inexpensive way to upgrade the way your garden looks too, if you have been searching for the perfect addition to your home.

Green thumb

If you haven’t been already, you will find yourself getting into gardening more often because of a pergola. Simple search the net for inspiration and you’ll see how other homeowners or landscapers design a pergola with the use of plants. Climbing plants are the best for a pergola, since it will naturally climb its way to the beams as they grow. Read up on which variety works the best for your climate but the sky’s the limit with what you can grow. Be adventurous and plant a grape vine!