Using the word energetic to describe children seems a little superfluous, most children are full of energy and constantly looking for something to occupy them. Here are some ideas of how you can keep your children entertained on rainy days or suggestions if you do not have a garden space where your children can play regularly.

Indoor sports

Your child does not have to be a physically fit or athletic person to take part in team sports. You can have them join a team or even set up your own team, rent out an indoor space and place with friends. Check out the best volleyballs for indoor play or look into some local sports teams nearby where you can drop your kids off and know they are getting some exercise as well as meeting new friends.

Play a round of crazy golf

This is fun for the whole family no matter what the weather. There are some outdoor crazy golf venues but there are plenty of indoor options suitable for children and adults of any age.

Trampoline Park

A trampoline park is a great way to burn off some of that excess energy. You can let the kids loose to run wild at a trampoline park where they can bounce of the walls and throw themselves around in a venue that sticks to strict health and safety regulations. They can have competitions to see how high they can jump or take on the inflatable obstacles, whilst you can sit out and have a coffee and a chat with friends.

Got to an aquarium

Take a trip to an aquarium on a rainy day and I guarantee your kids will be mesmerised by what they see there. Whether your children are animal lovers or not, they will love watching the marine life swimming above them and all the brightly coloured fish. From giant turtles and sharks to the smaller creatures that the children may be able to touch or feed.

Go to the movies

We as a society do not go to the movies as much anymore because we can stream new films directly to our TVs at home, but the experience of going to the movies is unbeatable. It makes it into an adventure where you can get special snacks, snuggle up in the dark and really immerse yourself in the film. Make watching a movie a fun family day out!

Go to a kid-friendly museum

Find an immersive, child-friendly museum where they can touch things and try things out. From time travelling and interactive exhibits, the kids will love this museum trip whilst also accidentally learning things! Take a look at what is available in your area, it could be a science museum or natural history or even a more specialised museum that caters to children’s specific interests such as their favourite sport.

Go bowling

Bowling is another fun activity for the whole family and a great place to tuck into some delicious food. You can cater each round to each person, erecting the barriers to prevent gutter balls or using ramps for the smaller kids who struggle to throw the balls themselves.