Each person has their definition of an easy life. One may think possessing the conveniences is easy while the other may prefer the minimalist way of life as the quick route. Sometimes, you can’t say it’s the same for other things in life.

An example of this is living a healthy lifestyle. Most people think that being or staying healthy is impossible or difficult to maintain. Eating becomes complicated because of the calorie counting as well as mixing and matching nutrients. There’s also exercise to consider. The heavy and bulky equipment has no space in your home. At the same time, you can’t memorize the sequences of the workout from the trainer.

Is there really an easy way to live a healthy lifestyle? People ask this over and over. Unfortunately, you will never know if you never try. Read on to find out how to get on the health wagon by trying out the easiest solutions to your unhealthy habits.

1. Include fruits and vegetables in each meal

Go for leafy and colorful produce such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. Leafy greens are refreshing and easy to prepare. You can eat them raw, steam or go for stir fry. They go well with different types of dressing and sauces.

Fruits and vegetables minimize the risk of contacting diseases. They have caloric content and fiber so you won’t feel full and gain weight from undigested complex sugar. Eating natural produce pushes the body to stay away from junk food and reduce carbohydrate intake.

2. Choose food over supplements

The doctors know what they’re on. The best doctors, however, advise you to stick to improve your body through natural methods. Consuming healthy food is always better than taking a bunch of artificial nutritional supplements.

3. Set a rest day from electronics

Stay away from your phone for an hour. Keep on silent or switch it off. Use this time for other things – meditation, deep work, yoga or quality time with family. Catching some sleep is also an effective measure. Sleep on the same time each night. If there’s anything that needs to be part of your daily routine, it has to be your sleeping and waking time. Sleep must always amount to the required time based on your age. The average sleeping time is between seven to eight hours.

4. Sweat for 20 minutes each day

The word exercise can bring unpleasant memories and horror stories. It’s much better to aim for activities that will make you sweat. It can be anything as long as you do it for twenty minutes and it cause perspiration and increase your heartbeat.

To make your body work harder, try resistance training. Weightlifting will help you build muscle mass. When muscle-to-fat ratio is high, the body burns calories even when it’s not engaged in physical activity.

5. Aim for pleasure

Get away from people, things and activities that stress you out. If running and walking isn’t your cup of tea, try swimming. Leave the room once the chit chat and gossip starts to pour out of their mouth. Cancel your Netflix subscription if you want to read more books this year.

Often, you are the root of your problems. Look for solutions within you before you start pointing fingers or blaming others for the cause.

6. Clean the house

Do it once a week and deep clean once a month. A neat and organized home has a positive correlation with mental health. Your mind becomes peaceful. At the same time, you spend less time looking for stuff because everything has its place. You don’t have to flip everything to find your keys. Last but not the least, you don’t have to breath in the dust bunnies anymore!

7. Embrace gratitude.

See the bright side of life. Count your blessings. Share them with others and see how your life changes.
Living a healthy lifestyle is up to you. You can add more to the list or adjust them to make each step easy for you. Try not be frustrated when nothing goes your way. Being healthy is a gift. It comes after hard work and a combination of lifestyle changes that fits you.
About the author:

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write on various topics. She is currently associated with Vermosa. She also likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.