According to statistics, back in 2015, about 1.2 billion online shoppers worldwide were registered. Online sales are a trend that cannot be ignored. From the point of view of the entrepreneur, online sales are a promising area of activity, taking into account that in the future the number of online buyers will only increase.

Nowadays people sell online anything: from shoes to means of transport, from online courses to homemade jewelry and household goods. That is why such a large number of Internet users turn to specialized studios dealing with product photography for eCommerce asking how much will it cost to create the portfolio of their products for the individual online store. The answers to this question are various as different studios have their own rates and taxes.

The product photography pricing is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting the partner to work with. And the cost of high-quality pictures for e-commerce projects can vary significantly. The main factors influencing the sum of money you’ll have to pay for the work of photography experts are the number of photos that should be made in terms of a single project, the quality of these pictures, resolution, retouching and all the additional adjustments required by the website or any other online marketing platform you will use to advertise your products on the Internet.

If you want to fill your online store with high-resolution images, then get ready to spend extra money. Such author images with all the copyright privileges are quite expensive. The same can be said about good logo design. The development of pictures design for an online store may cost more than you expected, but on the other hand, it will attract more customers and will significantly distinguish you from the total number of similar opponent websites.

Qualitative product images are very important. If you are an experienced distributor, then you probably have suitable images. For small companies or startups, there is also a solution. Designers often do image optimization for the Internet so that they look good in the online stores.

In addition, the cost of creating personalized product images must include the editing and retouching work applied to the pictures after they were made. If your company does not use high-quality pictures for better eCommerce yet, it is strongly recommended to start using it along with the corresponding qualitative descriptive text under each product image.

As we mentioned the photos post-processing costs, it would be worth to mention that it strongly depends on the wishes of the customer and the final result wanted. The complexity of working with goods and products, the usual color grading or creating the perfect picture without flaws and bends (for example, on clothes) require a completely different time for the designer to complete the order, and accordingly a different cost for the work.

To better understand how much you’ll have to pay for your product photography order, reach out to the Squareshot studio now and send a brief note with your wishes for your photography order and post-processing details. The company will promptly assist you to decide on the best ways to prepare your project timely and without excessive and time-consuming after-corrections.

Think progressive and use only high-quality pictures of your products made according to the requirements you establish to meet all the online marketing standards and website specifications. Make this decision now and fell the advantages of real effective eCommerce with qualitative visual content that works for its owner. Squareshot guarantees – your online marketing will become better with pictures made exactly for you.