Are you looking for a way to have more of an impact on the world around you? Do you want to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life but aren’t sure how to go about it? These are the kinds of traits that can lead a person to look into fostering a child. Foster carers will provide a stable, consistent, comfortable and supportive environment to children on a temporary, short-term or long-term basis depending on the type of fostering you pursue. But are you right for the role?

Here we’ll take a look at seven qualities that can make you ideal as a foster carer.

You Love Children

This is likely the number one quality that foster carers need to possess. You need to have a love of children and the desire to make a difference in their life. Remember, foster carers are asked to foster children of all ages so it’s not just young children that need a home but it can also be tweens and teens. You need to be open to whatever opportunity comes your way.

You Can Be Patient and Supportive

Foster carers also need to be patient and supportive, understanding that your foster child will set the pace and you will work around what makes them comfortable. Kids are learning each day and moment and adults need to be there to help them, and of course, lead the way.

You Are a Good and Active Listener

Being a good listener doesn’t mean you just sit there quietly without contributing; instead, you need to be an active listener. This is a person who shows empathy, understanding and compassion while listening, providing the right cues to show kids you are indeed hearing them.

You Don’t Mind Living in the Moment

Living in the moment is something that anyone can benefit from, but as a foster carer, it is especially important. You need to adapt to that moment, be flexible and not be too caught up in the “plan”. Life with kids means the unexpected pops up and you need to go with it.

Be Able to Find the Humour in Life

Here’s another quality that isn’t just important for foster carers but people in general. Being able to find the humour in daily life is a way to brighten the day, take away stress and keep things in perspective. It’s also a great life lesson to model to kids.

You Have Consistency in Your Life

Foster children require and thrive in consistency, as does any child, so if you already have these qualities in your lifestyle, it will serve you well. Having a daily routine benefits all in the household.

Do You Meet the Requirements?

There are also several requirements that foster carers must meet to be approved. You’ll want to be sure you meet all of the requirements before you begin the process. Take the time to visit to also learn about the different types of fostering available so you are more prepared going into the approval process.

If you possess all these qualities and meet the requirements, it could be that you would make the ideal foster carer.