It is no doubt that diamond is a sought after mineral. This is because of its stunning beauty. However, it can be a tough task to find a dealer that specializes in what you are looking for.

At the epilogue of this article, you will have a better apprehension about choosing a verified diamond dealer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Verified Diamond Dealer


The reputation of a diamond dealer is very crucial. It is highly advisable to purchase a diamond from a verified diamond dealer. You can search online reputable diamond dealers in your area. You should also check the reviews of the dealer from previous clients – I suggest using Yelp and Google for independent review scores.

Types of Diamond They Sell

When looking for verified diamond dealers, always check out the type of diamonds they sell. This is done by simply scanning through their inventory. When you find a diamond dealer who deals with in-house certified or EGL diamonds, avoid them!

Dealers who deal with in-house certified diamonds usually purchase a low-quality diamond. If you want to be sure whether you are purchasing a diamond from a verified dealer, always ask for a GIA or AGS certificate. It’s also important to look for HD Video and Diamond Light performance images, these are extremely useful when purchasing online.

Their Prices

Prices are a significant determinant of whether a dealer is verified or not. It would help if you compared the prices of different diamond dealers. This will help you know the price range of the particular diamond you want. Unverified diamond dealers will tend to sell the same type of diamond at a low price.

You may see a verified store selling a particular type of diamond slightly higher than other stores. This is mainly because they sell quality products. About prices, always keep in mind that it is rare to find cheap quality products. Make sure that when you’re comparing diamonds, that you’re comparing like for like. Remember that diamond cut quality will make the diamond more expensive for example, however the fire and brilliance from the diamond will be much higher.

Return/Trade Up Policy

A verified diamond dealer usually has a comprehensive return policy. The refund return policy enables the client to return the diamond to the store if he/she notices that the diamond has any defects or if they are not happy. Many verified diamond dealers have a return policy that offers cashback if the diamond didn’t meet your expectation. Also check out the trade up policy, established and trust worthy dealers will tend to have more comprehensive trade up guarantees.

Having Gemologists as Their Staff

Certified diamond dealers usually have a gemologist as one of their staff, many have all their staff as trained gemologist. A gemologist is an expert person in handling jewelry. The gemologist should be able to explain to you all the aspects of the particular diamond you want to purchase.

Verified dealers should also be able to address any question that you may have while purchasing the diamond. If you want to buy a diamond from a particular dealership store and the staff are hesitant to answer your questions, you should know they are not a verified dealership.

Final Thought

The above are some of the factors to contemplate when looking for a legit verified diamond dealer. When you want to buy diamonds, consider purchasing from a verified dealer. Always remember quality diamonds aren’t cheap. If a deal appears too good to be true then sadly it probably is.