Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, but there are some instincts they can’t deny.

Rolling in gross things may not appeal to you, but for your dog, it’s a means of survival ingrained in their DNA. Dogs roll in other scents to mask their own scent to predators and other threats.

Of course, no one wants to share a bed with a stinky dog. That’s why these best puppy shampoos will be your new best friend.

Bathing is an Essential Part of the Grooming Regimen

Every dog is different, but the vast majority are not big fans of bath time. Sure, they love taking a dip in the lake or swimming pool, but getting them into the bathtub is like pulling teeth.

Just say the word “bath” and watch your pup vanish before your very eyes.

However, bathing your dog is a necessary evil. It will help remove ticks, fleas and other unwelcome hitchhikers from your dog’s fur.

While dogs act like bathing is a form of torture, they are often ecstatic afterward. Only dog owners understand post-bath zoomies.

5 Essentials for Choosing the Right Puppy Shampoo

As with everything dog-related these days, the market is overwhelmed with products that promise to turn your pooch from stinky to clean and fresh-smelling. But what should dog owners look for in puppy shampoos?

Here are 5 elements to consider when looking for a dog shampoo.

1. Check labels for non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients. Products claiming to be “all-natural” often have a lot of chemicals and toxins disguised in the ingredients list. For example, dog shampoos can contain preservatives and artificial colors that damage a dog’s skin and coat.

2. Choose an aromatic, but not overbearing, scent. When choosing a dog shampoo, people forget that a dog’s sense of smell is forty times greater than humans. What smells good to you might not smell so great to your dog. Fragrances can also cause skin issues and allergic reactions.

3. It addresses any skin issues your pup has. Moisturizing shampoo, oatmeal shampoo, and medicated shampoos are just a few of the options available for dogs.

Take your dog’s type of fur and any skin issues into account when picking out the best shampoo. It may take some trial and error before you land on the one that works best for your dog’s coat.

4. Don’t use your shampoo on dogs. You may think that shampoo is shampoo, but it’s not. Our skin has a different pH balance than that of dogs.

Essentially, the pH balance of the skin is how acidic or alkaline the skin is. Human shampoo can leave a dog’s skin vulnerable to parasites and abrasions, according to the AKC.

5. Consider dry dog shampoos in a pinch. Keep dry dog shampoo on hand in case an emergency bathing situation arises.

Dry dog shampoo shouldn’t be used as a replacement of real baths with puppy shampoo, but it can do in a pinch, especially if people shampoo is all you have available.

Make Bathing Part of Your Puppy’s Routine

Dogs typically hate baths, but they can be trained to at least accept their fate. When you get a puppy, practice all the grooming essentials at home, from bathing to nail clipping to get your pooch comfortable with grooming.