Everyone dreams of buying their dream car and having demands of different specifications. One such car is the proton preve which comes with unique offerings to lure your mind. The proton preve has a fabulous design with sharp looks which age well. It is loaded with adequate power and advanced features. The fine interior makes it ahead of all the competitors. It delivers excellence with a 0-100kmph time in just 10 seconds. The car has been giving close competition to models like Honda Civic with its incredible response. The test drive impressions have been positive with the car while barreling easily into corners. The name preve means proof and has grown well with its small efforts. It took plenty of weight on the shoulders and proved to be strong enough. This article will discuss in detail the brand new proton preve and its specifications in detail.

How does it drive?

Preve has a turbo of 138 HP @ 5000 RPM with 151 lb/ft of torque. One needs to put a hard shove for the acceleration. The car consists of a superb CVT gearbox, and it provides a smooth turn or during bumps. The inside of a car is likely spacious with comfortable cloth seats. The five-seater is thickly padded with a flat bench, allowing people to squeeze comfortably without thinking twice of the center hump. The switchgear can be reached easily along with the central lock placed in the center. The backrest can lie behind a large 508-liter boot. The cargo capacity can be easily expanded to the inclusion of a 60:40 split. To open the boot, one needs to hold down the door unlock button for three seconds. The car should have offered 103kW/205Nm 1.6-litre turbo engine for the given price, which has solved several other issues. According to the specifications, the price should have been fixed to at least $4000 cheaper.


The car consists of 6 airbags, including high protection bags from sidewise. The 151 lb/ft of torque helps in controlling things. The car holds a strong force even in the muddy or wet section to protect from twisting away. The super cool dashboard display makes you know if any bulb is out, including the location. The car gets a five-star ANCAP safety rating. The only demerit observed was its droning noise like a plane taking off, which can be fixed if replaced by a manual gearbox. It could have made it more cost-effective in the long run. The model consists of a 1.6-liter cylinder model with a five-speed manual under five warranty for CVT. With this, you also get roadside assistance, and servicing every 12 months or 15,000km is entirely free.

Other specifications

Proton Preve shows its competitive spirit with its standard equipped 16 inches alloy wheel. The car includes a front fog light, reversing sensors, iPod connectivity, audio system, Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, keyless entry with alarm, power windows, and LED daytime running lights with follow-home functionality. Cruise control is something one will find exceptional at this price. The steering wheels adjust well with the heights, although they won’t be moving high enough.

What’s lacking?

The Preve’s suspension tune proves reasonably impressive on the open road, too. The damping rates are quick, but you get a bumpy ride at a slow speed. The front could have been sharper to compete with its rival. The car seems to be weighty if compared to the other smaller cars. The vehicle maintains its line without much adjustment but lacks decent dynamics and has below-average performance, lack of refinement, and poor fit and finish of the Proton Preve.


This was all about the brand new proton preve. If you are thinking of buying your car, you must go through this specification to understand whether it goes with your need or not. Do not forget to go for a test drive and compare it with the other options to have the best one. Maybe this car fulfills what you are looking for!