Operating a business is hard work. It is even harder when you realise that there are some people out there who want to cause harm or damage to your operations. While most thefts are crimes of opportunity, it is important to take the necessary steps to avoid being the business that burglars target.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do as a business owner to ward off the threat of property crime. Investing in these measures will help you to reduce the risk of loss without imposing any intrusive and unaesthetic pieces of equipment on your premises.

Let’s look at some simple steps you need to take to protect your business from break-ins.

Set Up An Access Control System

It is important to have some form of security when it comes to limiting access to your business only for those who should be on the premises. If you have customers coming into your shop, then you will still want to ensure that nobody is in your store outside of your business hours. To this end, an access control system, which may feature the use of credentials or passcodes is useful in protecting access to your building.

Use A Security Service

By installing a professional security system complete with break-in alarms or motion-activated alarms and lights you will be able to have specialised protection for your business. Many security services offer a guard response service. This will dispatch trained security personnel to your store in the event that an alarm is triggered.

Use A Safe

While more businesses are moving their files and financial data to digital formats, some important documents must still be kept in paper form. To keep these items safe from burglary, it is a good idea to use a high-quality safe. Even thieves who may be able to break into your business will be unlikely to know how to crack a heavy and immobile safe.

Install Security Cameras

If your business is located in a populated area, there are likely already security cameras set up somewhere in your vicinity. However, it is beneficial to install some cameras explicitly for the purpose of capturing activity that is taking place on your premises. Consult with a professional security service to learn more about where the best places to house cameras are. Having footage of potential burglaries will go a long way towards capturing those who are responsible and recovering your stolen merchandise.

Install More And Better Lighting

Thieves are naturally avoidant when it comes to bright lights. The last thing a burglar wants is to be clearly identified when they are committing a crime. With this in mind, the more lights you have, especially in the harder to see areas of your business, the less attractive your business will be as a target.

Motion-activated lights are also a good means of scaring off potential thieves. These options also cut down on wasted electricity as they only activate irregularly.

Keep Your Premises In Good Shape

The broken windows theory of crime posits that areas that are broken down and poorly maintained are more likely to experience higher rates of crime. Conversely, if you work to keep your building in good shape and fix things, like broken windows, instead of leaving them unattended for weeks, thieves will be less likely to break in.

Safe, Secure, And Subtle

These six tips will go a long way towards reducing the threat of theft and property crime on your business’ premises. Especially if you have had problems in the past or if you are operating in a high-crime area, it is important to be proactive when it comes to these things.