After you have made the necessary packing and the required planning for the itinerary, you still need to think about protecting your home while you’re on vacation. Obviously, you don’t want to leave with all your belongings or leaving the slightest corner open or vulnerable. The main idea is to find ways to protect your home while you’re away. You should prepare for everything you can and make it look like there are people in your home and there is some usual activity going inside or your home is being on watch by someone trustworthy.

Get Yourself A Security System

Using automated, smart and safe home security measures for your home is one of the best ways to secure your home while you’re traveling during your vacation. Making full use of the security trends today, you can get home security devices like motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass break sensors and in some instances, you can monitor these using nothing but your smartphone.

Ask Someone To Take Care Of Your Lawn

If you think that your home is likely to get robbed you should make an effort by asking someone to do a frequent activity on your lawn or inside of your house. You can either settle this with a friend or ask someone to do that and pay him for that. A neighborhood teenager might be the right person to perform this.

Light Your House Adequately

You should look forward to have some lights or motion sensors installed, powered by a battery for example, and it would be a great idea if it’s a push light. Also, you can connect lights in the external and internal part of the house with motion sensors. This would turn the lights on if anyone tries to come within the specified range. To help you save money on electricity bills you can install timers as well so that the lights don’t stay on.

Add Something That Makes Noises

Look for some options that can mimic actual conversations and create a loop of a long spoken track. Place the player near a door so that anyone coming nearby your house will get the impression as if there are people in the house. Ask any of your neighbors to park their car in your driveway too.

Shovel The Snow and Do The Other Household Chores

This will be quite useful during the winter season, you will anyway need your sidewalks and driveways clear. Pay somebody to do chores like clearing the spaces during the winter or mowing your lawn during summer and make it seem like things are being kept in order just like in your presence. So, if you don’t have a messy area during the snowfall, make sure that you can hire someone to keep it clear for when you’re away on your vacation.

Keep An Eye On Your House

One of the easy ways to do this is to simply ask someone you trust to watch your home when you’re not around. You can ask them to go to your place for a while in a week or so and make sure that everything is alright back home. If you do not have anyone who can check on your home, you could use professional house sitters from Global Guardians to keep your house safe at all times while you’re away. Also, you can make sure that none of your mails or mail deliveries are left unattended as it might be a clear sign for the individual looking at your home as an opportunity and they can notice that the mail is not yet delivered. Your neighbors can attend them on your behalf or you can ask the local post office to hold them for you. Also, you can ask your local police officers to pay attention to your home during their watch.

Things To Look For While Selecting Someone To Watch Over Your Home

Getting someone to look over your home can become a good layer of security against burglary and thievery while you’re enjoying your vacation. But this is only possible when the person you are selecting to watch over your home is trustworthy. Here are a few tips to screen out people to be your potential home sitters:

Start Searching As Early As Possible

You should start your search for a home sitter a few weeks or a few months before you’re leaving. This will allow you to make your search more thoroughly and find the best alternative for your need. Manage your time to have a meeting in person and conduct the necessary background check of the said candidate.

Look For Someone Having A Sound Character

Asking someone reliable in your friends circle or in your family is somewhere you should start asking from. Things are better off if you have someone who knows the whereabouts of your house and has no issues taking a little time out of their schedule and stay in your home for a while. Else, it is best to ask any of your friends to refer somebody who is capable of taking the responsibility and smoothly carry out the task. Once you get someone, make sure that you pay them in advance. This way they will take this more like their own work.

Set Some Rules And Let Them Know Your Requirements

Make sure that the person who qualifies for the job is aware of how things roll in your home. It is better that all these rules and requirements are with them in black and white. Also, if there are any special requirements that you want them to make sure while leaving or while they are there in the house. Also, make them aware of anything that they should avoid doing and stay in touch with them a few times and ask them if things are going well back home.
The idea is to make your home as safe as possible, as impregnable as possible. Of course, an automated home security system is always preferable, making sure to include home security appliances to monitor all the activity when you are away, also making sure you’re in touch with your home sitter and security service provider in case you have a breach or have a complaint about your security system service. All of these make it difficult for the intruder or the burglar to invade in your premises.