It’s a busy noisy world and outside forces are hell bent on taking us from a constructive direction to a counterproductive one. Let’s face it, most of us have our time management issues. I would like to even combine it and say that most of us have a time energy management challenge.

How many of us even look at our day and write it down. Do you write down the difference between an unproductive day and a constructive one? What are the factors that make up a productive day? And what are the factors that make up a better day tomorrow scenario?

Let’s go back to grade school. Remember in class when they taught us simple equations a+b+c=d. That simple formula helped us solve basic problems.

Doesn’t it stand to reason we could apply these formulas to how we spend time in the day.

For an example let’s just say here is an average day 5 Hours Work + 2 Hours Netflix + 1 Hour Video Games + 1 Hour Arguing with people on Social Media = Unproductive Day.

If we want to become a better writer we will have to improve that formula. Yes, maybe we have to work a paycheck job but how do we spend the rest of our time?

Here is a more productive formula 5 Hours Work + 1 Hour Writing + 1 Hour research + 1 Hour Connection = Productive Day.

Or use the – as a minus sign. Here we have some fun and play with new formulas: 5 Hours Work – 30 Minutes Pac Man Playing + 30 Minutes Connecting on Social Media – 30 Minutes of Netflix + 1 Hour Research = Improvement Day.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have escapist time or relax and enjoy some entertainment, it just means you’re focusing more and more time on things that truly matter.

What if you have the day off.

Day Off Formula: Get coffee + Watch Tv + Read other people’s posts on social media getting their coffee + Wander Aimlessly Around Town = A Sad Day Off

Imagine we change that formula somewhat: Get Coffee+ 1 Hour Writing + 1 Hour Posting Promotional Ideas on Social Media + 1 Hour Research = Proud Day Off

One helpful hint: If you recognize certain activities as distractions or counterproductive and begin calling them out you will be less likely to engage in activities. Do you want to spend your day being distracted?

Of course not. So, recognize certain habits as distractions.

The good thing about a Daily Routine Formula is that it can be changed and continually modified. This makes it a more creative way to see how your day is played out visually in front of you. The point is we have to make a conscious effort to measure how our day goes and to think of ways we can improve our daily routine schedule.

As we get older, we realize we need to spend the most amount of time possible towards our goals and dreams and every precious moment counts let’s make the most of it.