If you have an eCommerce website, then you will understand just how important it is to make sure that you give potential customers as much information as possible about your products and to ensure that the information that you give to them is accurate. However, the text you use is really only a part, and a small part at that, of your product description. People love to look at product photos in order to really see what an item looks like, as words alone can only do so much. If you want your customers to be tempted to place that all-important order, you really should be looking at professional photography for your eCommerce website.

What is professional photography?

You might think that the photos you are taking for your website are good enough, but there is a huge difference between the photographs you can take and the ones a professional photographer can produce for you. Professional photography means using a trained photographer with the right set up, top quality photography equipment, a well set out studio with plenty of natural lighting and also plenty of artificial lighting that will help to show your products off to their maximum effect. A professional photographer will understand exactly how to stage your products in order to show them at their best. A company like Cliik Studios who have years of experience producing commercial photography will understand exactly what works, and more importantly what doesn’t, in order to give you the images that will entice customers to purchase.

They will also be able to offer you the right editing to ensure that the images you use are fully optimised for your online platforms.

The reason that people purchase from a brick and mortar store is that they can see the product, interact with it and often see it in it’s intended setting. Professional photography will allow you to achieve almost all of this with the exception of interaction. However, multiple different photographs taken of your product from different angles will give the customer the next best thing – the option to examine the product from the comfort of their own home. The right photographs really will help you to sell your products.

Pictures are vital – but so are descriptions

Many customers do not just rely on the images that you use. The next step from seeing a photo that entices them would be to read about what the product is and how it works. It is important to give them plenty of details to go with fantastic quality pictures. For example, if it is clothing you’re selling, give them the dress size of the model and height – this should give them a better idea of how the product would look on them. Remember the information that you are giving them needs to give them as much of an idea of the product as if they were actually viewing it in real life in a store. This could help you avoid returns due to misleading descriptions, or due to the product not looking like the image described.

How to boost your eCommerce business

The better the quality of the photos that you use for your products, the better idea the customer will get of exactly how it looks in reality. One of the main reasons that people shop on the internet is the convenience of being able to shop for whatever they want at a time that suits them. The problem is that in doing this they are relying on the information the vendor has provided in order to decide which product to buy. For this reason, it really is vital that you choose the best quality photographs you can – ultimately, along with quality product descriptions, they will make your products more desirable to potential customers and therefore get you the sales that you are looking for.