It is rightly said that sales is very much an easier task when having some good loyal customers. But studies made available in the past few years showed that more and more people have switched away from their old favorite products and brands in recent years. Think about you: do you prefer to pay more for the sake of the brand name or you are happy with the quality of less known products? Of course, you have to try such products before answering that question. As expected some people said that they are happy with no name versions of the products while other people were in favor of spending more money for the brand name.

A very logical reason in terms of brand appeal is given by Bernice Cheung at Environics Research. She is the vice-president of Cultural Markets as well as Financial Services. She said that some people want extra assurance regarding the product they buy. They prefer good product quality that is why they prefer brands.

Another study conducted in 2016 backs up the findings of poll on brand loyalty. Some people are observed to be more receptive towards brand ads. They consider themselves very much loyal as compared to the general population. This is true in countries with significant immigration, the immigrants tend to be loyal to brands advertised because they want to adjust themselves to the new culture and they think that showing loyalty with brands will help them adjust there more easily. In these cases using or consuming goods with established brand names contribute to their success as immigrants in the new country because they moved over there to offer better life to their families so they can not compromise on the products they use. The reality shows they prefer branded goods without knowing whether the product is good quality wise or not.

Studies show that Gen-Xers also love to buy products with brand name. It is also said that they are brought up in this scenario that brands offer good quality.

On the other side there are people who prefer just quality rather than brand name. They are not willing to spend extra money in doing so. These people are not much interested in products with brand names unless they are sure that the product is worth the money. It is so because they have to manage their budget so they do not spend all the money on only one or two things. They want to shop on frequent basis and prefer the non-branded versions so that they could buy more things with the remaining money.