If you are set to undergo major surgery, then you may feel like the road to recovery is a long one. Depending on the type of surgery you are due to have, there may be a range of different ways that you can make life a little easier for when you are discharged from the hospital.

Here are a few ideas to help you prepare your home.

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See if any specialist equipment is required

With some surgery, specialist equipment may be required to aid your recovery whilst at home. This could range from walkers and oxygen tanks to help with recovery to raised toilet seats and shower seats designed just to make day-to-day tasks a little easier. You may also want to consider hiring a wheelchair or mobility scooter for the duration of your recovery as this will help when you need to do groceries or go to doctor’s appointments.

Prior to your surgery, take the opportunity to ask your doctor questions about what they would advise you get prepared. You may also need to keep a stash of dressings and cleaning supplies if you are left with a wound.

It is also worthwhile contacting your health insurance provider to see if they will cover any of the costs you will incur.

Prepare your living room

Following your surgery, you may not be able to scale the stairs very easily, so you may need to temporarily relocate to the ground floor whilst you recover.

As a result, you may need to think about sleeping arrangements. If you live alone it is particularly important to do this to avoid risk a fall when home alone. If possible, ask friends and family to help you move your bed downstairs prior to your surgery. If this isn’t realistic then many hospitals do offer rental services on hospital beds.

Make sure that the route to your bathroom is clear of any trip hazards, and that any items you may require in your kitchen are moved to lower shelves.

Ensure your pantry is well-stocked

One thing that many people forget to do post-surgery is maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Some don’t eat anywhere near enough as they aren’t burning many calories while recovering, and others rely solely on snacks and junk food due to convenience.

Prior to your surgery, ensure your fridge is well-stocked with lots of fruits, vegetable and other snacks. Batch-cook meals and freeze them so that you have things that you can quickly pop into the microwave or under the grill to have a nutritious meal in no time.

If your recovery is due to be a long one, ensure you have a friend or family member who is either able to do your grocery shopping for you, or help you do it yourself.