Are you looking for a serious relation or a casual hook up? Dating apps are a norm for the young and the old especially in modern times to pep up your chances in the search for fun or love. The perception towards dating is changing and single minded people are resorting to the use of such apps. Let us explore the list of the most popular dating apps.


One of the popular apps and has to be the personal favourite of many. For same strange reason apart from long distance marriages, this app has got the tag of a casual hook up game. Though it is termed as the king of dating and there is a strong reason behind this. No longer you need to have a Facebook account and you have to be above the age of 18 years. Even it is possible to link up this app on to your Instagram account and this app reveals a photo, frame along with your age. The best part about this app is that no one can message you till you have gone on to express interest in them. On all counts this got to be a popular dating app.


In the domain of dating apps this is one of the popular names. Once you create your account you have to incorporate a long profile and then the link can be added on to the Instagram account. Even it is possible to make your answers public and figure out on how important they are. In this app a major benefit is that you can learn a lot of things about your dating partner though the photos are a bit smaller.

The drawback of this app is that anyone can message as they can just keep on posting anything. Even if you don’t reply they can keep on throwing messages at you. Because of this reason the app does lose a level of reliability.


If you are not devoid of being guilty, you can download this app though this app is not for the singles. This is a unique app that allows your partners to get involved in the dating process. It is pretty easy to get the ball rolling. In case you are looking for love, just sign in and join the network. The moment your account is up and running, suitable matches can be found for you. You can join in, take a step back and locate the exact dates. All the prospects can be discussed in a prominent chat room. The moment a match has been found you can interact with the prospect in a dedicated room. If you are looking to send out the screenshots to your friends, then this app is an absolute must to be downloaded.

These are some of the popular dating apps that have stormed the market of late. In this regard, 9apps is one of the prominent platforms where you can download these apps. The interface is friendly and ensures downloading is done in a quick manner.

In addition, while using these apps it is important to know how to text a girl. Texting and flirting increases your chances of dating success, so you can get the partner you want.