Bitcoin exchange is an essential part of the virtual currency ecosystem, which becomes more popular the day after another. If you want to become a user of any kind of digital currency, such exchanges allow you to transact in tokens/fiat currencies from any part of the world. The main goal of cryptocurrency exchanges is to bring balance to regulatory measures. They are responsible for safety and security practices. If you find a reliable exchange, you will reduce the risk of any kind of hacks or fraud. Use currency exchanges, which can guarantee you adequate liquidity. After finding a popular exchanger you will have to know how to exchange bitcoin to paypal or to do any other operations because such services are clear and easy to use even for beginners.

Don’t even try to fit all the cryptocurrencies exchanges under one size. Each user has unique needs when buying cryptocurrency. When you choose cryptocurrency exchange, it is essential to read reviews, check which countries are supported, available payment methods, the most interesting fees, privacy issues, limits, liquidity, reputation on the market, transaction speed, as well as customer support, and other issues that can affect your trading experience.

Now, traders have access to many different exchanges, which use advanced models to guarantee better security mechanisms for users. We have tested several popular cryptocurrency exchanges to help you make the right choice.

Let’s compare the high-rated exchangers based on users’ reviews.


Changevisor is a popular platform for monitoring. The main goal of the company is to enable traders from around the world to exchange their bitcoins on reliable and secure exchanges. This service will save you time and money. As practice shows, when a trader exchange cryptocurrency on recommended sites by Changevisor, the result is beyond any expectations.

Traders will get access to the following systems: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, WU, Skrill, Ripple, Perfect Money, and Payza. Traders appreciate having access to the operations to purchase/sell bitcoins via PayPal US dollars. There is a big demand for the exchange of Ethereum coins for different kinds of cryptocurrencies. We have to admit that both Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top digital cash. However, it does not mean that other less expensive currencies are not get actively exchanged/sold/purchased at an interesting competitive price.

We have to note that traders can’t purchase/sell bitcoins on Changevisor directly. We encourage you to use this platform for monitoring the best deals from other sites. Using the services of Changevisor, you will make the trade profitable and trustworthy.

How can a trader select the best offer?

Many traders who lack experience and knowledge feel lost among a big number of available cryptocurrency exchanges and monitoring platforms, which offer attractive conditions and interesting price for purchasing/selling of coins. Even experienced traders may get confused with such a big choice. You can solve this issue and make the exchange go faster by using the real-time platform Changevisor. You have the opportunity to monitor the cost of transactions for various cryptocurrencies. After monitoring, you will know which site to choose.

To be sure that you get real information, you have access to reviews of real traders who use the same service as you do. You will find positive, neutral, and negative comments regarding the quality of service. You can leave your own comments as well.

2 HCoin

It is another great service, which is used by cryptocurrency traders outside of the American market. It is quite a new platform for traders, which offers the top exchange by trading volume. The company is based in Seychelles. Mainly, it focuses on Chinese markets. Since 2018 many traders use it for both fiat and digital currencies exchange .B using 2 HCoin, you can easily transact many different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, XRP, ether, litecoin, EOS, bitcoin cash, USDT, HKDT, and others.


It is a popular cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia. The company has become one of the most trustable platforms for digital currency trading. The main priority is customer’s confidence. Traders find great all the offered trading options for cryptocurrency. Coinsbit has been tested by independent security evaluation and received a high rank in the security. This currency exchange has a unique tool called InvestBox, which lets customers explore new altcoins, as well as simple to use mechanism for creating codes to facilitate transactions.

Know the main risks while using exchanges

  • You have to be careful to store coins on any exchanges. It has to be avoided by all means! As long as you don’t have the keys, the coins are not yours, and you don’t know what may happen.
  • Take your time to get a secure crypto wallet for storing your coins. Note that reliable wallets are not free, but you will keep your coins in security.

By following these simple rules, you will never lose money in the crypto world! Always take the responsibility.


We hope that this article will give you a clear understanding regarding the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges. All mentioned exchanges represent easy and fast ways for new traders to buy or sell bitcoins and many other coins. It is time to develop your trading skills. You know which mechanisms are safe to use to save time and get the maximum benefit. We have mentioned only popular exchanges, which will lead you to the top!