The online gambling industry is way more competitive than it once was, which forces some betting operators to think outside the box. While some companies want to provide their clients with various betting sections, others found out punters want to use bonuses. Consequently, they decided to expand their promo section by adding all sorts of rewards. That’s why some of the biggest names in the industry may give you the chance to pick from various alternatives.

Despite the fact that every operator has different promos, some of them are pretty similar. That’s why we’ve decided to show you five of the most popular betting promotions that you may have the chance to use.

1. Weekly Deposit Offers

The first group of promotions that you can find on many betting platforms is the weekly deposit offers. For example, if you check the review where silentbet reveals the latest promotional code for 1xbet, you will see that even one of the biggest names in this business gives its users the chance to avail themselves of a weekly deposit bonus.

What makes this offer different from the regular deposit promos is that you have to fund your account on a specific day of the week. The weekly offers usually work on Friday, but you could use them on Monday or even Wednesday, depending on the platform.

2. 100% Insurance

Although the insurance bonuses are not as common as other promos on this list, many gambling websites decided to make use of them. Those types of rewards require clients to pay a small fee, which will ensure their bet. This means that if they fail to predict it successfully, the bookmaker will refund them their stake.

Most insurance bonuses can be used all the time, whereas others only work if you punt on football or eSports. Check the T&C for more information.

3. Daily Acca Boosts

The third offer you will have access to once you visit Silentbet and use the 1xbet bonus code is a daily Acca boost. This special offer gives users the chance to receive a specific bonus percentage to their winnings if they predict the pre-selected events.

In other words, punters have to place a bet on multiple selections and predict all of them to get this bonus. As you can probably guess, this is easier said than done, especially if you have to wager on more than 5 matches.

4. Birthday offers

Some gambling sites will provide their users with a special surprise for their birthday. Depending on which bookie or casino you choose, you may get a small deposit bonus or even a free promotion that comes in the form of free spins or a small amount of money.

5. Refer a Friend

The last promotion on this list is called Refer a Friend. As its name implies, this is something that you will get only if you bring over new customers to the betting platform.

Depending on the operator, you may obtain a reward as soon as the person signs up. However, most operators will give you the bonus only if the new client makes a deposit.