False ceilings have become a common staple in almost every household, office or commercial space. It is not very expensive and can also enhance the beauty of any place.

False ceilings are secondary ceilings hanging underneath the main ceiling with the help of cords or struts. There are different types of false ceiling materials like gypsum, POP (plaster of Paris), asbestos sheet, wood, etc. The dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling also alludes to the false ceiling.

The main advantage of having a false ceiling is that it enhances the appeal of a room. Other benefits include:

  • The wires and other structural aspects of a room can be hidden by the false ceiling so that it doesn’t look unappealing to the eye.
  • It works as a heat insulator.
  • It acts as an audio barrier by reducing echo problems. This can be helpful in areas like theatre, auditoriums, etc.
  • It can also have antimicrobial properties which are especially required in areas like hospitals, clinics, health care centres, etc.
  • If the materials used in making the ceiling are inflammable in nature, false ceilings can act as a separator.
  • It also hides away all the electrical wires and ducting to make space look more appealing.

The most commonly used materials to build false ceilings are gypsum boards and POP. These two are very different from each other and have their sets of properties with advantages and disadvantages.


It is quite obvious that Gypsum ceilings are made of gypsum and are very durable. Gypsums are hydrated calcium sulfate and usually come in a predesigned form manufactured in a factory. They are held up using metal frames on-site and are used in areas with central air-conditioning. Their panels have tapered or square edges. Gypsum boards are lightweight and can bear weight up to 15 kgs. They are also flexible and fire and moisture resistant. Gypsum boards allow for different shapes and customized designs.

There are disadvantages of gypsum false ceiling:

  • They are more expensive
  • They are very difficult to remove; the entire false ceiling has to be destroyed
  • Moisture eventually seeps in which leads to fungal growth and the boards bend out of shape
  • As time goes by, cracks start to appear on these types of ceilings

POP (Plaster Of Paris)

Plaster of Paris ceilings are made from gypsum and can be designed by the owner. Its powdered form is turned into a paste to design the ceiling. It has the lowest cost when it comes to false ceiling material prices. POP models for house have a smooth finish and its surface can be painted and customized. It is also lightweight in nature and easy to construct.

Some disadvantages of pop false ceiling are

  • Only a skilled craftsman can bring the desired results out of a POP board
  • While the ceiling is being formed, there can be excessive wastage leaving the site dirty
  • The POP ceiling has to be completely dry to be installed

When it comes to whether pop or gypsum which is better… Gypsum is the most commonly used material in urban cities as the price doesn’t make much of a difference. According to many factors like the installation process, finish and cleanliness, etc gypsum has more of an edge. If the false ceiling’s design is intricate and requires designing, gypsum is the ideal choice. Gypsum also works well with other materials like plywood and glass.

False ceiling recommendations

  • To make an area seem more spacious, adding only some parts around the borders of the existing ceilings can do the job
  • For a false ceiling, it is better to choose a border design and gypsum boards, when looking to stay within budget
  • If the gypsum false ceiling is chosen, other materials like glass and plywood can also be used
  • The ceiling should be constructed and maintained properly over time
  • A proper floor to ceiling ratio must be followed
  • The material should be chosen based on the type of ambience a house offers and climatic influences

Hiring professional help is essential in such design tasks that require a high level of skill. Contractorbhai offers false ceiling services as part of our interior design package with clear transparent pricing. Contact contractorbhai.com for further details.