Each home needs a working system of pipes to aid in distributing drinking water and in the removal of contaminated wastes. Each apartment faces different kinds of plumbing problems that spring up unexpectedly. Some plumbing problems are not that complex, and a homeowner can solve them successfully.

As a resident of Arlington, each homeowner should beware of the common problems from dripping faucets, leaky pipes to running toilets. He or she should know how to solve low water pressure issues, unclog drains, handle sump pump failures, or even solve water heater problems.

If one doesn’t know how to solve plumbing issues, it is a wise decision to hire the best plumber in Arlington. With this in mind, here are ten unique plumbing tricks to know:

1. Know Where the Main Valves are

Figure out where to turn off the water supply from in the event of an emergency in the house. For instance, it is a great idea to turn off the main valves in case of a burst pipe. Besides knowing where your main drain is, you should also ascertain how and where to access the sewer lines during regular maintenance.

2. Know What to Flush And What Not to

Toilet clogs are disheartening plumbing issues that cause headaches to many homeowners. To avoid clogged drainage crisis, shun the idea of using your toilet recklessly. Don’t flush anything other than your waste matter and toilet paper via your toilet. Such an action will lead to a more severe toilet and drainage clogs.

3. Don’t Dump Garbage in the Drain

As a homeowner who cares about your home, be mindful of the kind of garbage you dump into the drains. Never discard vegetable peels, bacon grease, food debris, coffee grounds, or even any sorts of starchy foodstuffs like potatoes. These wastes will most likely clog your drain. Look for reliable information on how to dump kitchen garbage.

4. Don’t Puncture Your Pipes

While undertaking home remodeling projects, keep in mind that pipes are running through the wall, ceiling, or floor. It’s painful and costly to accidentally rapture drainage pipes. He or she can use a stud finder to locate the position of the drainage pipes, especially if hidden behind the walls.

Alternatively, use an endoscopic camera model to check the location of the pipes. Just snake the camera through a wall and gather necessary information.

5. Check Your Plumbing System for Leaks

Never think of ignoring plumbing leaks, always check the entire plumbing system and thoroughly. It is a simple undertaking. He or she can run water through the pipes, and open and close valves to have a clear overview of the entire system.

It is easy to notice even small leaks in the event of a plumbing crisis. Immediately reseal any leaking link in the system. Any steady drips falling off from the faucets can cause unnecessary problems and increase water bills.

6. Don’t Over-tighten Plumbing Fittings

Many homeowners wary of plumbing problems will always try to over-tighten the supply lines, to be safe from any form of crisis. However, over-tightening the plumbing fittings is riskier than even under-tightening the entire system.

Over-tightening can wreck rubber seals or crack the threaded nuts. Ensure the connections at the ends of your supply lines are finger-tight. Use a plier to turn them a little more.

7. Don’t Fight to Keep a Faucet, Replace it

If one feels that his or her faucet is not in the best shape, he or she should not waste time but replace it with a new one. Undertaking any repairs on the tap will not give the results one yearns for, and the system will not last long.

8. Loosen Stuck Pipes with Heat

If a homeowner finds it hard to loosen stuck pipes, there is no need to panic. It is easy to loosen them. Use heat, and especially if the dope that sealed the connection has hardened over time. Just get the metal hot for a couple of minutes.

9. Replace Metal Drain Lines with Plastic

Opting for metal drain lines for sinks may seem realistic, but it’s more reliable to use plastic. Plastic is easy to install, tighten, and affordable. Plastic drain lines will also not corrode with time.

10. Don’t Reuse Supply Lines

Many people think that when replacing a faucet or toilet, he or she can save more money by reusing old supply lines. However, this is not the right action to take. Reusing your old supply lines can lead to a disastrous plumbing crisis. Always buy new supply lines that will last longer.

Hire the Best Plumbing Services Today

Don’t hesitate to hire the best plumbing services at disposal if stuck at home. Plumbing tends to be impeccable these days thanks to the availability of professional plumbers. Regardless of the plumbing issues one is facing, go for an experienced, licensed, and insured plumber.

The plumber of choice will help tackle those problematic tasks and keep your supply lines and drainage system in the best shape. Contact a company with top-notch plumbing services and incomparable plumbing estimates.