Pokemon Go makes everyone get excited because of the gameplay. Roaming around in Tokyo, Japan catching Pokemon might even be an item on your bucket list. One way this game is fun is its interaction component, you get to interact with other players while exploring various locations.

On the downside, what makes this game dangerous is the attitude of some players. Some players tend to risk everything, even their lives, just to catch that rare Pokemon. Some people play and drive at the same time, and some just don’t care what would happen to them. These are the things you can avoid if you are playing Pokemon Go.

Avoid Playing In A Huge Crowd

Playing Pokemon Go involves walking around the city. As you walk around the city, you need to avoid playing in a huge crowd because you tend to lose focus trying to avoid people that might not bump into you.

Playing in a huge crowd is also bad for the game because, as earlier mentioned, some people will do anything just to catch a rare Pokemon. For example, some players might see a Dragonite pokemon in one place. Chances are, you’ll see the Dragonite, too! As you all scramble to go to that place, it will inevitably cause a stampede, and a stampede is not a joke. It can injure you or even kill you. So it would be best to just avoid crowds if you can help it, just enjoy it with yourself or your friends.

Don’t Cross The Street Inattentively

When it comes to safety, always put yourself first. This is more important than say, catching a Mewtwo or Mew. On another note, did you know that the best Pokemon Go locations are in Shibuya and Sensu-Ji Temple? You can capture Blastoise, Electabuzz, Tangela, and Machop pokemons there. Shibuya is a particularly famous location because it houses the two busiest railway stations in the world.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to catch Pokemons there, one just has to be more careful due to the increased population in the area. So, basic as it may sound, just don’t cross the street while your mind is elsewhere because you might not see the traffic light that goes green and you might get bumped by a car.

Above all else, it’s best to keep in mind that it’s not wise to risk your life just because of a game. If you are in Shibuya, focus on going to Pokestops and always keep in mind the objectives of the game. In a nutshell, remember to always be safe when crossing the streets of Tokyo.

Avoid Dark Places

Avoid places that are very dark because you might get attacked by people there. Even though Japan is a safe place, do avoid going to too dark places while playing the game. This should be repeated again and again, always put yourself and be aware of your surroundings all the time.

Even the safest places on earth can lead to incidents of kidnapping, or mugging, or stealing. As everyone knows, the tendency of most Pokemon players is to put out their cell phones while playing, which could trigger problems because pickpockets might try to steal items from you. So, in other words, always be careful and be aware of where you are going.

Don’t Take Breaks

Pokemon can be addicting, but one shouldn’t play the game for 24 hours. Do take a break once in a while. Drink water, eat your lunch at the right time and get 8 hours of sleep. You don’t need to risk everything just to become a Pokemon Master, how can you be a Pokemon Master if you are putting your health in danger?

If you get hungry, go to a coffee shop or a fast-food restaurant and get yourself a snack so that you can be one hundred percent again. This game requires cardio, and you are also exercising when playing this game. So, it is okay to take a break anytime.


Walking around a big city in Japan, always put yourself first. Follow the things that you shouldn’t do when playing Pokemon Go. Always keep safe, especially when walking, and always be aware of the surroundings around you. You might get into an accident, and we don’t know when accidents can happen, so always be vigilant.