While we await the day when worldwide travel is commonplace again, it is an excellent time to begin planning for your next trip away. This article will examine the pros and cons behind the 3 main types of flights.

First it should be noted that many people don’t realise the following; there is a difference between non-stop flights and direct flights. Non-stop flights, as the name indicates, do not involve any stop from one end of your journey to the other. Direct flights however, are not always entirely direct.

Direct flights will often take you from your departure city to your destination but will include a stop in between. Some people might get off the flight during this stop, others may get on but generally you will not leave the plane and it will not count as a connecting flight. Think of it like a long bus journey whereby some individuals will get on and others will get off at various different stops.

That leaves us with connecting flights which are from one city to another, with a layover stop in between to change planes. Each flight requires a separate boarding pass, but they’re on one itinerary. So we have three types of flights:

  • Non-stop flights
  • Connecting flights (with a layover)
  • Direct flights (deceiving in name)

So what are the pros and cons of each travel method?

Obviously a non-stop flight will be the fastest, most direct route to reach your destination. The convenience of this approach is normally matched with an increased cost, unfortunately. Depending on the circumstances of your trip and the distance you are travelling, it might be worth paying a little extra for the added convenience of a non-stop flight.

If you’re not in a hurry to arrive, connecting flights will usually be the most cost efficient. Make sure to allow plenty of time between the arrival of your initial flight and the connecting flight. Always remember that if your initial flight becomes delayed, you might be at risk of missing your connection.

Direct flights will generally be cheaper than non-stop flights. However, it is likely that your travel time will be increased. Even though it is not common to have more than one stop, some direct flights will have two or more so be sure you are aware of the stops before you book.

Compared with connecting flights and non-stop flights, direct flights strike somewhere in the middle ground. They aren’t the most expensive or the cheapest and they aren’t the quickest or the slowest. You may have a short stop along the way but generally you will not leave the plane before taking off again.

There are pros and cons to each system so it really depends on the subjective situation of your trip. It really helps to shop around and it is extremely advisable to get travel insurance to protect against any unplanned interruptions or delays.

Travel Insurance

While the manner in which you choose to fly is a matter of preference, something that is highly recommended is to ensure that your flights are insured. The pandemic has resulted in countless flights being cancelled. This has caused a great strain for individuals without insurance to recoup their losses.

Aside from protecting your flights while travelling, your travel insurance also offers you protection in case your luggage or personal belongings are lost or stolen. Some travel insurance policies can also cover personal liability cover and emergency dental treatment.

Oftentimes the price of securing and protecting your trip with travel insurance is very cheap. You can find the cheapest travel insurance quotes from AA Ireland to cover various travel related contingencies along with maximum coverage.

Your travel plans and arrangements are entirely your own but hopefully this article will guide you for your future plans. Here’s a handy checklist for your next trip to summarise what you should consider:

  • Decide on your destination
  • Decide on the length of your trip
  • Shop around for the cheapest flights – remember the difference between direct flights and non-stop flights
  • Get travel insurance to protect your trip
  • Relax and enjoy!