Planning a simple wedding where you only intend to invite family and a few friends is hectic. Planning an unforgettable wedding is ten times more hectic. However, don’t fret at all because that is why you are reading this short guide. You will see surefire and actionable tips that are going to help you plan a wedding that will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your invited guests. At the same time, these tips will help your wedding go as planned without a hitch.

The Venue Of The Wedding Comes First

Don’t make any plans before choosing the venue of the wedding. There is a good reason for this. The wedding venue determines where the guests will stay. You have to find whether there are any hotels nearby.

If yes, you have to know all the roadworks that lead to the venue of the wedding. You want your guests to use the clearest routes. If the reception will not be held at the same place as the wedding, you have to consider that too. After choosing a wedding venue, everything else should fall in place easily.

Use Local Vendors And Amenities

There are many benefits of using the local vendors and amenities. One of them is that the cost goes down. The reason for this is that no extra costs are transferred to you since the service provider comes from your town. If you were to hire one from another town the traveling costs would be transferred to you. Another benefit is that you can always pop in to find out about progress.

Wedding vendors know other vendors. For example, a wedding photographer knows a decorator and so on. Thus, your search for the best services becomes easier. If you are from San Diego, California, you can choose from wedding rentals San Diego. If you are from anywhere else in the USA, you can choose from other wedding rental companies say for example wedding rentals in Austin.

Hire a wedding planner

They say the devil is in the details and a wedding planner will come in to take care of even the smallest details. Since planning a wedding is a hectic experience, when you are using the services of a planner, you create some space for you to do other things. Besides, you can also tell the wedding planner the kind of experience that you want your guests to have and they will make sure they give them that.

Choose a good DJ

Music makes a very important and unforgettable part of the wedding. Thus, you need to choose a good DJ who can get you a good selection of danceable music for the after party. Perhaps even the guests can submit a request or two if there will be time. That way, they will feel more like a part of the wedding and it will be very personal to them.

Have a bar with assorted drinks

Drinks all around! That is the unsaid theme of any wedding. However, for your special occasion, guests want to feel special with their special tipples. Thus, you need a good cocktail bar and perhaps a mixologist so that your guests can order their personalized drinks.

Include a fruit fondue or an ice cream cart

This is important because not all guests take alcohol. If the wedding is in summer or spring, include an ice cream cart in the works. If it is in the colder seasons, include a fruit fondue. Get rich sauces, sweets, dripping chocolate and more treats that will make your guests almost ask for a repeat of the wedding.

Arrive in style

Imagine arriving for your wedding in a mail coach from the days of the Wild West! That would send everyone crazy taking photos with their mobiles and sharing them across various social media networks. Mercedes Benz and Bentley limousines are no longer cutting it. Style is everything. So find some unique means of arrival for the bride and it will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests.