With advancement and technology come better tricks and tips to get the maximum, positive and best results in almost any area. Just like that with the launch of better and upgraded versions of iPhones come the even better ways of making photographs with an iPhone and that too as perfectly as a professional photographer. People these days have an acute imagination and thus they are taking advantage of the gadget to the maximum with better filters, editing apps and innovative style of capturing a moment. Following are a few tips for you if you have an iPhone and a passion and vision for photography.

Keep it Simple

The key to have an excellent photo is to keep it as simple as possible. The subject of your focus should be clear and should gain all the space and attention instead of its surroundings and backgrounds. This negative space is good for grabbing attention of the viewer because of the less distraction in the picture. One centre of attention gets more popular amongst the viewer which is why clarity of the picture along with simplicity is the trick for better photography through your iPhone.

Low Angle Shoot Is Preferable

If you have started your photography with an iPhone than a must do, is make a picture from a low angle which doesn’t mean that take your camera down at a low angle but it actually means to take a picture from an even higher height then your subject. Taking a shot from this low angle will give it more depth, clarity, less distraction and your visual will be highly prominent and close to perfection. The vividness that is captured in low angle photos is missing from the other angles.

Thought Provoking or Message Oriented Pictures

There has to be a purpose of everything in life to attract the viewers towards you. So is the case with photography. Your picture should have a thought provoking message in it so it can become relatable or could connect with the viewers. This depth is important to be grabbed in the photos to make them important, significant and more powerful in themselves.

Diagonal Angle Also Has More Balance

If you have multiple focus points in your picture, than you better set them up diagonally so your picture has more perspective and it could look more balanced. If you have diagonally placed objects or subjects in your picture then all the attention requiring elements will be served and your picture will be more praiseworthy and so will be your photography.

Close- Ups Could Be Worth It

With an iPhone, you can freely take close up pictures and not worry about them being unattractive. In fact, if you wish to create a stream of memories of your different phases then close up photography is the most suggestible. iPhone doesn’t make the details of your subject look horrible in the shots through extreme zoom in, rather it pacifies all the unattractiveness of the objects in your foreground. You can confidently shot close ups of a new born baby or minuscule insects or beasts and be rest assured for the photos to be awesome.

Play With Shadows And Lights

iPhone is best for photography when the sun is rising or setting. Your pictures will have shadows that will give more depth and volume to your subjects. The shadows create contrast with the bright light in the photos and these shadows become the element of art in your pictures.

Use Reflection for Iconic Photography

To get iconic photography you must utilize reflections in your pictures. iPhone is very handy and has an amazing result in capturing the reflective surfaces. The reflection in the photography creates the image as in a mirror view and looks both beautiful and astounding.