If you’ve made the decision to get clean and go to rehab, there’s a lot to do to get ready. You have to pack, make those important calls, explain things to the ones you love, and more. What about your pet? If you happen to be single, it’s important to decide what to do with your animal while you’re away. This can seem to be a daunting issue, but you do have options and you’ll be able to find something that’s just ideal for your pet.


You might want to check your area for any rehab centers that allow pets. Most of them won’t allow pets for a number of reasons. These can include things like liability and room issues, licensing and allergies. However, there may be some out there. Some rehab facilities realize the connection between a pet and their person, and that’s an important thing. If you’re able to find one of these, you’ll be all set.


Ask a family member or close friend to keep an eye on Spike while you’re away. Leaving him with someone you trust will give you more peace of mind that they’ll take care of them. Leave them with the type of person that knows a thing or two about pet care such as how to identify a tick bite on dogs if they happen to take him camping while you’re gone. Their ability to keep close tabs on the animal will allow you to concentrate on getting well. Maybe you could even leave your pet at home and they could come over once a day to take them for a walk and feed them.

Pet Sitter

If your pet doesn’t happen to be one of the world’s trendiest pets, you might think about hiring a pet sitter. There are quite a few people who make a full-time job out of pet sitting and they’ll have quite a bit of experience along with references. If your pet happens to be a cat, hamster, fish, or some other type of animal who doesn’t need a massive amount of attention, the best solution might just be a pet sitter. They’ll come right to your home and water and feed the animal to ensure their safety and comfort while you’re getting the help you need.

Kennels/Boarding Services

There are always things like animal kennels and boarding services that you can pay in exchange for them to care for your pet while you’re gone. These places have quite a bit of experience when it comes to caring for animals for extended periods of time, and you’ll more than likely be gone for a month or more, depending on the level of care you’re seeking. If you decide to go this route, be sure that you ask them quite a few questions regarding the facility and the level of attention they provide your pet in order to ensure that the care offered meets your standards.

Ensuring that your pet is taken care of well and kept comfortable while you’re gone is something that’s incredibly important. Be sure that you find a solution that will allow you to relax about it and focus on getting clean, because the last thing you need is more stress.