Some of our canine friends truly love traveling along with us to beautiful places. If your four-pawed pal is used to riding along in the car, then you might have noticed the mess it might cause. Dog hair, muddy paw prints, and saliva gathers on your back seats creating a doggy haven, but a human’s hell.

To keep on gallivanting with your dog, while making it much more pleasant for both of you, you can invest in a dog car seat cover.

What are the benefits of owning a seat cover for your pooch?

You’ll be amazed at the difference owning a seat cover will have on your vehicle’s interior. Here is a list of a few benefits from owning this product:

  • Reduces fur getting stuck to your car’s floor mats, seats, and floors
  • Reduces amount of dirt, stains, and debris being trotted into your car’s floor mats, seats, and floors
  • Saves you time on cleaning and scrubbing the dirt from your vehicle’s interior
  • Prevents musk doggy odors from floating around in your vehicle
  • Prevents damage to cloth and leather seats (no scratches, no chewing marks, and no tears to the fabric)
  • Acts as a security measure that prevents your pooch from sliding around while driving
  • It’s a much more comfortable and spacious ride than a crate
  • Creates a safe space for your dog to feel comfortable in while travelling around

Check out some of the most functional doggy seat covers on the market here:

Different types of seat covers

In the same way that you will buy a different cover for yourself and your vehicle, there are a variety of dog seat covers available. Each have a different function and are designed accordingly.

Front Covers: Perfect for small-medium sized canines who enjoy sitting next to their owner on the passenger’s side.

Rear Covers: Perfect for medium-large canines who are too big to call shotgun for the front. These models are designed to either protect the entire back chair or just a part of it.

Car Door Covers: Perfect or active and intelligent canines who like to chomp at door handles and fixtures. These models provide extra protection to the inside of the doors. As well as close the window controls for extra protection.

Although it is advised that when you struggle to contain your pooch in the back seat, to get them a doggy seat in which they can be safely secured. Preventing accidents and injury.

In the Trunk: Perfect for canines who don’t mind driving around sitting in the trunk. Typically used for bear-sized pooches who don’t fit in other parts of the vehicle. This model covers the entire floor of the car or SUV’s trunk that provides extra comfort and protection.

This kind of model can be used for two dogs who don’t mind sharing the trunk during a drive.

What key factors should I consider?

There are loads of different features and materials available. Here are the most important things you have to look out for:


No need in buying a product that’s twice smaller or larger than your canine. Make sure that it completely covers the seat. Standard sizes available range between 54-57 inches and can fit into most SUVs, vehicles, and trucks.

No reason why you can’t customize the size of the product either by contacting online sellers who offer the service.

Depending on your dog’s size you can choose between the following sized styles:

  • Single Size: that folds over the whole of the front seat
  • Hammock Style: Which gives coverage to the whole backseat area of the car without leaving space on the floor
  • Bench Style: Which creates space for legs and a dog who wants to lay on the floor or the car’s backseat
  • Full Coverage: This model provides full coverage, covering every inch of the car’s back area. Perfect for a muddy run or wet walk.


It’s of the utmost importance that you choose a fabric that is extremely durable and waterproof. Especially if your dog loves jumping straight out of the river into the car, having a waterproof cover will protect your seats.

Having a waterproof material will also help with the cleaning process, as they provide a base from which dirt and grime can easily be wiped off.

Most products can be found in neutral colors, greys, tans, and blacks. For the more adventurous pooch, there are bright red and blue colored covers available.

Click here to learn more about materials and fabrics used in the manufacturing of these products.


Chances are you’ll be using the doggy seat cover more often than not. Don’t compromise quality and durability over affordability. It’s important that you consider the longevity of the material and construction of the product. Spending a little bit extra on more durable material and stronger construction will guarantee a longer lifespan.

You wouldn’t want the fabric to tear at the seems after the first visit to the park. Most covers can be washed in the washing machine and should be able to hold their shape after a few washes.

As long as you keep in mind the comfort of your pup’s drive along and the well-being of your vehicle’s interior, you’ll be able to find the perfect match. Keeping your fur baby and your vehicle happy and in tip-top shape.