Gravity keeps us grounded. It is what keeps us tethered to this blue and green planet that gives us life. Sir Issac Newton changed the world when an apple gave way to gravity. Children in playgrounds across the world fall, cry and rise back up again every day. Still, when they do fall, more often than not their parents are right nearby to lend a helping hand. As children do, they grow and become more confident in their standing. This confidence comes from knowing when they fall, they are confident their parents will be there to lift them up. And as we grow, we are responsible for showing our parents our appreciation to them for doing so.

We grow, we learn, we leave the house: it is the nature of human life. We grow, we learn, and we bring children in our own homes: we lift up our own children when they fall. What would you give to know your child is hurting? What would you give to know your parents need you? What if the people you loved, had an emergency button: a way for you to know they need your help? One visit to and the world between you and your loved one becomes that much closer.

We all fall sometimes and those of us who are fortunate to rise again, do. Did you know, over the age of 65, just about half of those who fall need help getting back up? You may not always be around to help them, however, with an emergency button, you can breathe a bit easier knowing that someone always is: that help is just one press away. That convenience of having that help close-by may also surprise you to know that it is only icing on the cake.

At, you can find a number of incredible devices which features “fall protection”. Should your loved one take a fall, and are unable to press the emergency button, devices with this function will relay the message and request assistance for them! Knowing that they help is coming regardless of what happens, is an incredible confidence booster, and this may lead to them being more active. Bodies that are constantly in motion are more ready to handle falls than bodies that stay at rest.

Gravity and age work for us, and against us. They are constants, as you cannot turn off gravity, nor can you stop aging. We cannot control these things, however, we can control what we do within them. Yet, across the world, there are people who live in crippling fear, and those who have felt it for others, over things they cannot control.

According to The World Health Organization, “50 million people worldwide have epilepsy”. 50 million. That’s millions who have them, and millions more that care. For those of us that have known that fear for ourselves, and for others, SureSafe carries a line of seizure and epilepsy alarm products as well to afford more peace of mind, all for an affordable price.

We grow, we learn, we leave the house: But we don’t have to leave our loved ones behind. is committed to their goal of helping those in need, without breaking their wallets. Even if you have your doubts, giving them a call at 0800 112 3201, may give you that relief that you’ve been looking for. Your parents will thank you, your loved ones will thank you, and, most of all, you will thank yourself.