Stones and gems are known for their various qualities and benefits. Pearls are more than others because unlike all the gemstones these come out from under the sea and on top of that they don’t need any carving, polishing or cutting to enhance their beauty in any way for they are more beautiful when raw. They are known for not only their beauty or purity but also for symbolizing wisdom and integrity.

They are available in several forms in women jewelry and accessories too. More often they are known to be the best of the gifts for ladies. The contemporary designs of jewelry these days incorporate pearls in such a commendable way, increasing its beauty by tenfold. You can gift it to value your relationship with the women of your life be it your mother or sister, wife or daughter. The best of its forms is the necklace because it generously makes the bearer of it, gorgeous.

There are diverse types of these necklaces available in the market and you need to know about them before you go and buy them for your loved ones. The following are the various types of pearl necklaces.

Pearl Collar Necklace

Pearl collar as the name indicates is the necklace for your collar. It lies perfectly on your collar bone, glorifying it with pure gems. It consists of 3 strands connected together that can generally come in 12-13 inches size. You can wear it mostly with a V-neck dress or boat neck.

The Choker Necklace

Most famous of all necklaces is the ‘Choker’. It is trendy and teenagers value it more than elderly ladies. It is mostly in single strand, broad or thin, that goes well with both fancy or formal dress. Its length may vary between 14 and 16 inches but can be worn with all sorts of neckline as it hangs tight on your neck instead of falling down giving you a very chic look.

The Princess Necklace

This is an equally popular range and style of the pearl necklace that falls slightly below your neck and enhance it by the curve of it. It can come in the size range of 17 -19 inches in length and makes you feel as the name indicates, ROYAL!

The Opera Necklace

It is a rare accessory but is highly versatile and falls somewhere around the mid bust area. It is another name for delicacy and goes very well with evening gown. Its length varies from 26 to 36 inches in a form of long single strand.

The Pearl Rope Necklace

The most trendy and stylish of the necklaces is the pearl rope which has an endless versatility as it can be knotted in the middle or on the neckline and then opens up in a bust. It ranges around 37 inches in length and complements all sort of dresses and all sorts of fancy to casual looks.