Liability is always on the table when someone hurts themselves at a place of business. To prevent the legal bullseye from hovering over a company, it’s important that they rectify the situation. As a consumer you’re considered an easy target, so a bit of self-awareness will help.

When It Is a Yes

Lack of maintenance is one of the biggest causes of slip and fall cases. When the fall happens due to negligence, then the restaurant is liable. This is when it helps to know top personal injury lawyers that can handle the situation. The entire incident can happen in seconds, and by the time you’re home it finally registers. Trying to tough it out will only rob you of a potential lawsuit. It is the responsibility of the restaurant to make sure that potential obstructions are clear in the parking lot. This includes blocking off unsafe areas and clearly labelling dangerous ones.

The Hard No

When the fall happens due to an obstacle outside of the restaurant’s control, then the answer is no. Obstacles in this instance are unpredictable weather and another patron. If you go to a restaurant when the weather is expected to be harsh, then the conditions are predictable. Other than normal parking lot maintenance, there should be no expectation from the business to protect your well-being.

If another patron presents an obstacle that causes you to slip and fall, then the restaurant is not liable. While other patrons can be sued for negligence, there has been a lot of heated arguments about slip and falls due to weather related incidents. Cases related to weather are hit or miss, and many never make it to a judge.


Employees play a major role in protecting the business they work for. A good employee will monitor the parking lot of a restaurant for any issues. If someone isn’t designated to watch the parking lot, then it is important to bring this problem up before it escalates. Sometimes a good patron will mention a parking lot issue that they encountered while entering the restaurant. But to be clear, relying on consumers to mention problems is a risky choice since the next complaint could be a potential accident.


After a slip and fall, don’t drive away from the area. Without knowing the extent of your injury, there is a good chance you will make things worse. Call for help, and document everything from the moment of your fall. There is no shame in being careful about the situation when your health is exposed. The more you try to deny and get away from a bad fall, the easier it is for the restaurant to distance itself from the incident. The law is on your side, but can’t succeed if personal pride stands in the way.

Think Ahead

A parking lot fall can always lead to a more serious health concern. Protect yourself by understanding that you have rights during a slip and fall. If you don’t hold a business accountable for their negligence, then your health will always be at risk.