Getting ready for a hunting trip? Whether you hunt for business, survival, sport, or it’s your first time out, it’s important that you’re prepared. When you’re out in the wilderness for several days far from society you’ll have to rely on the gear and supplies you packed to get you through the excursion. All too often, people get caught up in the hype of gadgets, devices and trendy gear that they overpack and leave out things they truly need. Knowing what gear is vital to your comfort and survival will make the experience more enjoyable. Here’s a list of things you’ll want to take with you on your next hunting trip.

Start with the Right Backpack

You’ll need to try and get all or most of your hunting supplies into a backpack. The backpack needs to be sturdy enough to hold all of your things and withstand the conditions in the wilderness. Keep in mind, you’ll be carrying this on your back, so the pack should fit properly and also distribute weight properly so you don’t feel weighed down. You can browse hunting gear clearance online at Field Supply to find deals on quality gear bags.

A Quality Tent

A shelter is another important item to take with you on your hunting trip. You’ll want to opt for a tent that is lightweight and easy to pack. Other factors to consider are your hunting needs and the type of terrain you’re hunting in.

A Sleeping Bag

Keeping warm while you sleep will be imperative on your hunting trip. A sleeping bag is ideal for the perfect rest. Opt for a sleeping bag that is lightweight like goose or duck down.

Spare Clothing

You never know what mother nature will bring your way on a hunting trip. Therefore, you’ll want to pack a few spare outfits. This should include underwear like boxers and tanks or boy shorts and bras. You should also pack thermal clothing, socks, gloves, and extra camouflage gear for the hunt. Rolling your clothes and placing them in the pack gives you more room to pack other things.


Staying hydrated is important during a multi-day hunting trip. You can pack some spring water for the excursion, but can also consider a filter system and/or purification tablets. This way, if you find a source of water in the wilderness, you can make sure it is safe to drink.

Stove and Cooking Supplies

After spending the day searching for game all you’ll want is a nice hot meal to replenish your body. You’ll need to invest in a camping stove as well as pots and cooking utensils to prepare yourself and others some grub.


Maintaining high energy during a hunting trip is important. Be sure to pack plenty of food to keep you going. You can opt for freeze-dried meals and snacks like trail mix, fruit, or jerky.

First Aid Kit

You never know what could go wrong while you’re trekking through the wilderness. Should you or someone else get hurt, having a first aid kit on hand can resolve the matter. Be sure that you have plenty of bandages, ointment, tape, and wound cleaning agents on hand.

Other Hunting Gear

Obviously, this isn’t all you’ll need for a successful hunt. There are other items you’ll need to have on hand. This includes guns, ammo, hunting knives, GPS systems, lanterns, earplugs, goggles, and a host of other things.

You’re going to be outdoors in nature for days at a time. You may be excited to load up the truck or RV and get going, but making sure that you’ve packed for your comfort and survival is a must. If you’ve missed any of the items on the list above, be sure to gather them before your next hunting trip.