We try to own a vehicle for several diverse reasons and foremost of them all, is the convenience in every which way. But, if you are in New York City, you might as well rent a car instead of buying one because it has too many disadvantages to deal with for a New Yorker. Renting a car on the other hand, in NYC has gone to a very economical cost which enhances other benefits of rental services as well.

Following are just a few of the numerous benefits that you can acquire simply by renting a car and not buying your own vehicle in New York City:

1. Helps You Save On Parking

If your parking costs you nearly the same as your house you would obviously choose to pay rented car’s parking fee, whenever you need one. These days in NYC your own car’s parking area might cost you around $1000/month which in every way is too much for a regular working person who has to run his entire house with his monthly wages.

2. Helps You Save On Maintenance

Another major benefit of renting a car is it not only helps in saving your cost of maintenance which is a natural requirement of every vehicle but it also helps you in saving your effort of getting your own car maintained and your time that is most required in the vehicle’s maintenance and care. Since you are from a working class and hardly ever find any free time, this seems like a luxury if you can get a well maintained car without investing your money, effort or time on it.

3. Saves On Tax & Insurance

Sales taxes and insurance of your own car is also immensely high in NYC and it is highly advisable to use a rent a car service if you want to save your money on the tax and insurance fees. Even the rent a car also charges you insurance fee but in comparison to your own car it seems very affordable and you only have to pay when you need or rent a car not annually like on your own car.

4. A Different Car Every Time

The best feature that you can obtain from renting a car is that you can get a new and different car to use every time you rent it and you can change the car as per your need and occasion. You can choose the color, type & make and if you still don’t like it then rent a different car the next time.