Congratulations, you have found the new partner that is a pet to help you get off the loneliness you may be experiencing. However, a puppy is not easy to handle and more so if it is the first time for you as well. Apart from his health needs, you have to take care of a lot of aspects.

Here is our guide to puppy care that you must practice:

Puppy proof home

Your furry friend would have a habit of chewing anything that looks edible to them. To save the hazards associated with it, you would have to puppy proof your home. Move away from all the electrical wires such that he may not trip over them. Block his access to any such room where you think his pee or poop might create any issue. Check around to see all the nooks and corners and if there is anything you missed.

Vet registration

The sooner you do that the better it is for you. Find out a vet nearby who has a good reputation with puppies. He would give you an idea about the timeline of puppy growth and you can keep an eye if your puppy is following suit or not. Also, look for a nearby clinic that you could rush to in case of an emergency. You would need to ask them about the puppy shots schedule, deworming and parasite control with regards to the pet.

Puppy supplies

Just like a baby, a new puppy also needs some items purely to take care of its needs. Some items that you would need are dog bed, bowls, toys, cleaning supplies, crate, treats, collar and leash, food and a brush and comb. Make sure you have enough to manage for the initial few days that he takes to adjust with you.

Toilet training

You would have to toilet train your puppy and the sooner you do it the better. Try and avoid indoor accidents even if it means making them go out pretty frequently. Till the time they do not perfect the art of visiting the toilet, you would have to work hard. Give them a treat each time they use the toilet correctly so as to motivate them.

Basic commands

There are certain basic commands that any puppy should follow and you have to start teaching them soon enough. These could be, sit, stay, come and look, to begin with. After completion of each command, you can offer them a treat. This makes them think that obedience in following orders is going to get them these treats.


It can be a nightmare for a new owner to figure out how to deal with his puppy on his own. However, if things are carefully handled from the starting itself chances of the puppy getting settled soon are high.

Follow the above tips to ensure the puppy gets comfortable with his new surroundings. In case the puppy is behaving strangely rush to the vet for guidance. Often it is tough to gauge their behavior and the sooner you practice the correct tips the better it would be for you.