Outdoor weddings have become the latest trend, especially during the spring and summer months. If you have been invited to an outdoor wedding party, this post is meant for you. Below are some fantastic outfit ideas to ensure you don’t disappoint the couple who will be getting married.

Outdoor wedding outfit ideas for ladies

When attending an outdoor wedding, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibres are the ideal outfits. They will help you to strike a balance between stylishness, comfort, and formality. Moreover, it is better to avoid an outfit that might get caught in the wind. Otherwise, you will embarrass yourself trying to battle between the wind and your modesty. If the location is hot, go for a breezy dress so that you can keep your cool.

If you want things to be casual and relaxed, it is better to choose a modern or bright sundress. Such a look is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Choosing something simple to wear and easy to style is incredible. It will enable you to have a good time at the wedding and feel good about yourself. Add some statement jewellery and a cute-looking purse to complete the look.

Furthermore, if you feel like looking elegant and romantic, it is recommended you wear a lace dress and comfortable heels, perhaps opt for a platform heel as the wedding is taking place outdoors. You can also wear a high waisted pencil skirt with a cute crop top. However, make sure your choice of crop top doesn’t show too much skin and then style it with a high-rise pencil skirt. If you now complete the look with some gorgeous heels and modern accessories, you will have killed it.

Another gorgeous outfit to wear to an outdoor wedding party is a maxi gown. Remember to add a wide brim hat. It will shield your face from the sun and at the same time, enhance your look. Style it with flat sandals to create that perfect beach wedding look. If you are wondering where to get a nice pair of shoes, Uppersole has a range of cheap women’s sandals. They stock a variety of designs and styles that it would be impossible not to get your choice.

A fuchsia-coloured maxi gown with pastel peach blazer and shiny flat shoes is our choice for a stunning look at an outdoor wedding. If dresses are not your favourite, there are other choices you can go for, such as a cute summer top and palazzo pants. You will still look fabulous!

If there is something to avoid when attending an outdoor wedding, is high-heeled shoes. Reason? High chances are, they might sink in the sand or the grass. Instead, go for a wedge heel; it is both stylish and comfy. You can also wear trendy flats or ballerina shoes.

Outdoor wedding outfit ideas for men

Pulling a cool outfit for an outdoor wedding can be an uphill task for most men. If you are feeling confused about what to wear for the upcoming event, there is a straightforward rule that you must observe. That is, make sure you dress according to the occasion without drawing away from the attention of the groom. You are there to support him on his special day.

Outdoor weddings are exciting and fun events. However, ensure you don’t overdress. A light-coloured suit with same tone pants is an ideal look for an outdoor or a beach wedding. Make sure the outfit is well-tailored and well fitted. You can then add a colourful handkerchief. With a good pair of shoes, you are good to go.

If you want to look smart and stylish in the most natural way, the best option is to wear a casual jacket with contrasting coloured pants. Complement the look with a pair of leather shoes or loafers. This is a perfect look for an outdoor wedding outfit.

Another secret that most men don’t know is the power of a bright coloured jacket. It can add a huge difference to the overall look. For instance, if you wear a plain or a white button-down shirt with a pair of pants and add a different bright coloured jacket, you will look fresh and ready for that beach or outdoor wedding party. To add a sophisticated look, wear the right footwear.

The beauty of an outdoor wedding is the chance it gives men to experiment with light colours. Plain shirts with complimenting trousers or pants will still stand out. If you like, you can add more to the outfit by adding pops of contrasting colour and print. This way, you will gain that fresh look you so much desire. On top of that, add some stylish loafers to complete the look.

The bottom line

Weddings are ceremonies worth attending. This is the time you get to mingle with friends and loved ones. Make sure you show up looking your best. Let the newlyweds feel that you love and care for them and follow their desired dresscode.