The United States is a vast country with numerous states each with its own unique identity and culture. The famous accent of Southern drawl is native to the states of the southern part of the country like Tennessee. It is not only the Southern Drawl that Tennessee is famous for. It is the home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, who had spent his teen years in Memphis.

Understanding Tennessee

Tennessee is broadly divided into three regions, which are named after different music genres owing to its musical heritage:

  • Bluegrass-East
  • Country-Middle
  • Blues-West

While Nashville is the state capital, the other notable cities of the State include Memphis, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, Greeneville, and Johnson City, to name some. Each of the cities has its own stories to tell to the tourists who visit them. The state is well connected by air, road, and railways. However, the most favored mode of transport is the roads followed by air.

Outdoor Trips in Tennessee

While the cities of the state are no doubt beautiful, the real catch of Tennessee lies in its lovely natural and scenic views that can be found at the below destinations:

  • The Appalachian Trail: A famous mountain trail is quite famous amongst the hikers of the world; the Appalachian Trail is a big attraction of the state. Accessible all the year-round, this trail offers breathtaking views along the hiking journey.
  • The Big South Fork National Park: Another nature lover’s retreat, part of the famous Big South Fork national park is located in Tennessee. This park is considered as the home of maximum natural bridges in the world.
  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Nature has endowed the state with vast reserves of forests and natural beauty. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, is just an example of this.
  • The Obed River: While forest trails and reserves command the natural beauty of the state, the water bodies do not lad behind to claim the show as well. The gorgeous Obed River in the state just proves it.
  • The land between the Lakes: The state is home to some lovely lakes, the most popular being the Kentucky and Barkley lakes. The area between these two lakes is a rather charming natural reserve that attracts lots of nature lovers.

Points to remember

Since most of the major tourist destinations are nature trails, lakes, and forest reserves, it is important to stay safe and be prepared to explore these areas. Regular practice of hiking is a must to go to these beautiful places; else, you would be tired and not able to enjoy the place. In addition, staying safe from any uncalled-for mishaps must also be taken care of.

Hunting and fishing are allowed in some of the places of these scenic trails. You have to make sure that the required permits are there with you before undergoing such adventures. You can check the license information of Tennessee hunting & fishing license online.