Whether we design the terrace, beautify the garden, or make the balcony comfortable – in spring and summer, we all prefer to go outside and set up a cozy living room in the open air. In addition to sturdy furniture, colored cushions and atmospheric lights are used. The latest trend that you should not miss this summer is the outdoor carpet! The hip outdoor textile provides a fresh breeze and creates a holiday feeling on your terrace in an instant!

We’ll tell you nine good reasons why you too will love outdoor rugs!

1. Robust and easy-care outdoor material

Probably the most significant advantage of an outdoor carpet is its extremely sturdy material. The weatherproof outdoor accessory is made of 100% synthetic fibers and will accompany you for a long time thanks to its longevity and light fastness. The practical thing: it is insensitive to water and therefore doesn’t have to be brought into the house with every shower. Besides, the outdoor textile is extremely easy-care and dirt-repellent thanks to its flat-woven structure. If it does get dirty, you can easily clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner or even wash it with the water hose if it is heavily soiled.

2. The cozy atmosphere on terrace & balcony

Outdoor rugs are made from synthetic fibers; their surface is beautifully soft and provides a comfortable feel to your feet. Combine the cozy outdoor textile with other atmospheric garden accessories, creating an inviting atmosphere that brings you many cozy summer evenings on your terrace.

3. Garden décor in great design variety

With the colorful and varied array of designs and colors to décor your garden, you will find precisely the outdoor model that suits your taste. For example, with a boohoo rug, you conjure up the colorful patterns of distant lands on your balcony while underlining the relaxed, summery flair. A black and white carpet, on the other hand, is just the thing for purists who love simple elegance. Thanks to a wide selection of outdoor textiles, you can design your patio and banish that uncomfortable lawn carpet forever from your balcony!

4. Summer accessory in countless sizes

Be it a cozy balcony or a spacious terrace – outdoor rugs are available in all sizes. Too large a carpet often makes surfaces look smaller, while too small mats are lost in an ample space. The position of the rug also plays a significant role. A carpet size consultant makes it easier for you to find the right accessory for your outdoor area. Since summer can come!

5. Versatile outdoor textile

Do you despair of unsightly or old flooring on your balcony or patio? An outdoor carpet is your salvation. Mask small blemishes by covering them with a tasteful outdoor rug. So weathered floor coverings are lightning fast and with low costs until further notice. Another advantage: the material of the carpet has a temperature-regulating effect. Gone are the feet burning on hot, hot metal plates!

6. The carpet for indoors and outdoors

As you can see, outdoor rugs are real all-rounder’s. So far, we have not told you the best: all outdoor rugs are also perfect for indoor use! Especially in rooms such as the kitchen, dining room or corridor, an insensitive floor is required. So you can turn the excellent piece towards the end of the year, when the unpleasant, cold season begins, also quite merely a runner. A sturdy outdoor rug protects your floor and pops up the rooms of your home with stylish designs.

7. Outdoor rugs for fun in the countryside

Blue sky, softly rushing trees and delicate flowers. The warm temperatures invite you to spend a lot of time outdoors. Do you fancy a picnic by the lake? Grab a picnic basket filled with treats and your outdoor rug, because it’s also great as a picnic blanket. Compared to regular coverage, a large outdoor carpet offers more space for the whole family, a stable surface and small scratches are quickly washed off.

8. Camping Deluxe with outdoor rugs

The camping season is coming! Are you tired of sitting in an abandoned tent? Here’s all you need to pack for a perfect camping trip. Our tip: the outdoor carpet. With this accessory, you can spice up your temporary sleeping space and have additional protection against the uneven ground. An outdoor rug is also useful in front of the tent. This keeps you away from the dirt and offers a comfortable seat.

9. A clean home with pets

Protect the floor at the litter box or around the bowl with a small outdoor rug. This is easy to clean and, in contrast to the usual rugs made of rubber material cheaper and especially lovely to look at the variety of designs. The area of your little darling can thus be perfectly integrated into your living space. Cat litter can be quickly removed with the vacuum cleaner mixing with carpet cleaner. Read here which carpets are best for you, if you are a proud four-legged owner?

For inside or outside. Plain or colorful. Whether as a decoration or practical helper. Outdoor carpets are a real all-around talent and will delight you with their versatility. Especially on the balcony and the terrace, the home accessory outdoor carpet is indispensable this year. We wish you a lot of pleasure in the creation of your summer oasis!