Too much of life is spent working and not enough of it is spent enjoying life and celebrating. So, when birthdays roll around, why not celebrate in the best way possible. Adult birthday parties usually involve getting family or friends together for dinner and a few drinks, but it’s time to turn birthday parties up to the next level.

1. Pick a date and time

Choosing a date and time might seem like an easy task, but it’s far from it. When you choose the date and time, you have to consider the celebrant’s schedule. If you are inviting people from long distances, you will want to share the date with them so they can plan travel time. Parties are often best scheduled on weekends, but sometimes, weeknights are better.

2. Select a location

This is an important decision to make, especially if you are planning on inviting a plethora of people. Prior to choosing the location, think of what your celebrant would like to do. If you are looking for a lower cost, then you might want to consider having the party at someone’s house. Of course, there is always the option of a restaurant, but if you are looking for something grander – rent a large space so you can throw one epic birthday party.

3. Arrange transportation

When you choose your location, you can also plan transportation for the guests. Some of the best parties start in a limo or party bus. This useful page explains more about the possible ways that you can extend the party with transportation options. If you do decide to arrange transportation to and from a location, you can decide if the limo will pick up all of the guests or if there is one meeting place where the bus picks up everyone and later drops off everyone.

4. Choose a theme

If you are planning on creating the best birthday party ever, then you should have a theme. Consider your celebrant’s favorite movies, books, sports, or colors, seasons, or anything else that can be transformed into a theme. Adults often enjoy casino parties, formal or semi-formal affairs, or themes based on favorite decades. The theme could even be based on favorite foods – like a dessert party or a BBQ, or even a party filled with different pizzas. The possibilities are endless.

5. Set your budget

Your budget doesn’t have to dictate the party. Any budget can be turned into a memorable party, especially with all of the do-it-yourself information available online today. However, if you are planning to hire transportation, a venue, and entertainment, you will need to have money to spend. There is always the possibility of asking the guests to donate to the budget rather than buy birthday gifts. The idea is that the party is a gift.

6. Build the guest list

Whether you build it with the celebrant, or you do it on your own, having a guest list will give you time to be sure you have invited everyone who is important for the event. When you set up a guest list, you can keep track of who can come and who cannot. You can also better plan the food and beverages and you will know how big the birthday cake should be, too. With a guest list, you can also be sure that everyone who is coming is someone special to the celebrant.

If you are going to ask guests to help contribute to the party budget, the guest list will help you keep track of who donates, too.

7. Decide on your food and beverages

Your food and beverage plans need to consider the theme, the location, and the length of the party. For example, if you have a black-and-white party, then all of the food should fit with the theme of the party. It is also important to consider if you are going to have food in the limo or party bus if you decide to reserve one. You might also want to consider what guests have special dietary restrictions due to food allergies, diabetes, gluten sensitivity, and more.

If you are having a bar, will the bar be open? Or will you ask that guests pay for their drinks? You could also make the party a bring-your-own-booze party, too.

The other consideration for the food and beverages is the size and type of celebratory dessert.

  • Will you get a big birthday cake?
  • What about ice cream?
  • Are cupcakes the best choice for this party?
  • How many servings will you need to satisfy everyone?

If you have the budget, then you might want to consider hiring a caterer. Taking care of food before and during any party is a major job and a caterer can do it for you so you can enjoy the party yourself.

8. Select and book entertainment

When you are planning the best birthday party ever, entertainment is one of the keys to the success of the party. Your entertainment could include music in the form of a band, DJ, or karaoke set. You could rent a bunch of casino tables or find a magician to entertain the guests. If it fits your theme, you might even consider having a bunch of card games, board games, or yard games.

Entertainment could also include educational events, like cooking lessons or art instruction. Entertainment does not have to be expensive as guests could follow instructions from a Julia Child video or a Bob Ross video, rather than from a live teacher.

9. Decorate

Decorations make the party a true celebration. Consider a birthday banner or balloon bouquets, simply because they are fun – which is exactly what a party should be. If you have a theme, then the decorations should showcase it fully. Even though decorations are not required for adult birthday parties, they sure do add to the atmosphere. If you are trying hard to build up the theme, the decorations will do it. If decorations are outside of your budget, you might have to be creative and find things you have in your home or at a dollar store.