Think a bold, vibrant color can’t be used in your home decor? Think again. Orange has long been associated with happiness and brightens up any room. Orange is a happy color that can fill any room with energy and life. It’s also an unusual choice for a primary color in home decor. This daring and happy hue is perfect for those looking to change up their look or make a statement! Here we will discuss how you can incorporate orange into your home decor, from the kitchen to the living room, and give some tips on how best to use this fun color in each space!

An Orange Velvet Sofa

One of the best ways to put a pop of orange into your living room is with an upholstered piece. A velvet sofa in this color will instantly bring warmth and happiness to any space! Choose something that doesn’t have too many other colors, like brown or black, so it can stand out from the rest of your furnishings without being overwhelming. Pair up the sofa with matching ottoman or Pakistani rugs on the floor and a side table for optimal comfort!

Orange in the Kitchen

Orange can be a great way to add some fun color to the kitchen without being too overwhelming. Add an accent wall in this happy hue and use it as inspiration for your other colors! This will also help make any new paint job feel fresh and energizing – which is perfect if you are looking to update the space. In addition, If you’re looking to add some color to your countertops or backsplash, orange is a good choice. This bold hue looks great against light-colored cabinetry and can be combined with other colors like turquoise for more of an artistic look. You might even want to try combining shades of both for an interesting contrast.

Orange as an accent wall

Orange looks better on the walls than on furniture, so you’ll want to think about adding it in a room where the color doesn’t take over. As an accent wall, orange can be a powerful design element in small doses. Paint the main or front wall of the room in this hue, and you can look to use different shades elsewhere. This fun color is also a great option for walls if your style leans more modern than traditional. It’s bold, it stands out, but when paired with other colors on furniture or upholstery – like navy blue – it won’t be too jarring of an eye-catching feature.

Orange is the Shade of Winter

Orange is the color of winter and warmth. It can be used in your living room to help you stay cozy and feel the warmth. The best way to use this color in your home is to use it as an accent to other colors. It can also be best to pair up with wool rugs for a cozy, inviting living room.

Orange is the Color of Creativity and Playfulness

You might not think about orange shade so much for a kitchen, but it’s an excellent choice to inspire creativity while cooking or baking. It can also be a great color in your kids’ bedroom because they will feel playful when surrounded by this cheerful hue. You should look for furniture that will stand out against the orange walls, like bright green, white or yellow.

Orange is a Vibrant Color to Add to Your Home Decor

If you’re not sure where to start when decorating with this color, try adding simple touches of orange throughout your space. For example, pick up an inexpensive throw pillow and put it on your sofa for a pop of color. You can also add orange accents to an otherwise neutral space with paintings, candles, or colorful pillows. You can also add color to your kitchen by painting cabinets, adding a citrus fruit motif, or trying new recipes with a bright hue.

Orange in Your Bedroom

Many colors can make for an energetic and fun bedroom, but if you’re looking for one of the best choices, orange is it! This color will help wake up those who need some morning encouragement to get out of bed and start their day. It will also be a great choice for those looking to make their bedroom more vibrant! Adding just one orange piece to your bedroom – whether it’s an item of furniture or something like a rug – is enough to create some drama and excitement. You could also try laying out some bedding with this color, adding warm but not too bright pillows, or even adding a few orange accents to the room with accessories.

Orange in Your Living Room

The living room is the best area for an orange accent because it’s where you and your guests hang out after work or school, so why not bring some happiness in with this daring color? Add furniture in a vivid shade of orange to the living room. It’s not hard to find great pieces of furniture in this color, and they can come from many different places! Many stores that specialize in home decor offer affordable items that will work for any space you’re looking for them in. If you are interested in a more rustic feel in your living room, this color is perfect for you.

Perfect Color for Office Space

It is the perfect hue for a home office or workspace since it will have you feeling motivated and energized when surrounded by its vibrancy! Orange can be used in contrast with blue-green hues intended to inspire productivity; these two contrasting colors provide balance and harmony to an office space. Additionally, it can also be used for a more relaxing work environment, which is perfect if you want to keep your mind focused without that restless energy present in some workplaces. Pairing it with green hues or purple shades will create the ideal mood when working on creative endeavors and allow you to get into “the zone” much easier without the need for coffee breaks.

All in All

As you can see, there’s a lot more to orange than meets the eye. It has been used for centuries in many cultures as a color of celebration and happiness, providing an uplifting, contagious mood. With this knowledge in mind, it should be easy to incorporate into your home decorating scheme and reap all the benefits! So go ahead and buy any color chobi rugs at RugKnots for your home today and enjoy its cheerful vibrancy with every step on those plush carpets or mats.