It is never too late for you to be a better you. You can introduce small changes today that can have an impact for years to come. Your body and your mind are connected in more ways than you might imagine. Any positive things that you do to make improvements with one will also improve the other. That being said, it is important to not make too many changes simultaneously because it can easily overwhelm and frustrate you. Instead, try one or two things a week and give yourself a bit of time to adjust before trying something else.

Get Clean

Cleaning all of the negative things from your life will help you both mentally and physically. For example, if you have an addiction to opiates for a medical condition, a Subutex detox can help you with that. If you have a problem with smoking, try quitting. If there are negative people in your life, get rid of them. Things like this will have lasting impacts on you.

Realize the Impact of Tech

Today, most of us rely on tech more than ever before. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It makes business and the wealth of information easier to deal with, but at the same time, it can cause loneliness, isolation, and introversion. But, on the other hand, advancing technology is saving and improving lives every day, including life changing technology for seniors which can be a tremendous help and actually help seniors avoid loneliness and isolation. Or how about widely used meditation apps like Headspace, for example, helping people learn how to meditate which a lot of people believe helps lead to a healthier and happier life. Use tech as a tool as opposed to as a way of life. Don’t let it take over your life to the exclusion of all else. Tech can be an addiction as much as drugs and alcohol if you let it.


Create a room in your home for meditation. If you don’t happen to have a spare room, use your garage, home office, or bedroom as a personal sanctuary. Use this room to unwind and try to change the way you think so that you are getting rid of the negative and only trying to find the positive in life. Aside from making you happier, this can also help you on your way to success.

Pamper Yourself

This only takes about an hour each week. If you have the means to, get a massage, or even hire yourself a personal trainer to assist in making you physically better. You might also learn reflexology or simply take a solo walk in the hills or a park. While you are doing these things, try thinking about what your goals in life are and where you actually are in life so that you will be better able to move forward.

Keep a Journal

Write down all of your ideas, emotions, any projects you might be working on and your goals. Use this as a sort of outlet when you’re sad or upset as opposed to reaching for that comfort food. You can also use it to keep track of your eating habits and exercise.

Each of these things is easy to do. Just start slowly and give each new thing time to become a habit in your life and you will reap the benefits.